What Did You Think of the Teen Wolf Season 2 Opener?

Warning: There are spoilers below!

Ok, now that we have the necessary warning out of the way let’s get to the first episode of Teen Wolf Season 2. The season opener premiered this past Sunday (June 3) after the MTV movie awards. Being the ancient 25-year-old I am, I passed out before the premiere (lame, I know), but I finally got the chance to sit down and check the episode out. My initial thoughts in one word – disappointing.

In the first episode of Season 2, when Lydia goes missing from the hospital, werewolves and hunters alike begin a search to discover not only where she is, but what she’s become. Meanwhile, during the day the Argent family, including grandpa, attends crazy Kate’s funeral.

As I said above, I was disappointed by this episode. It felt like it was nothing more than an episode dedicated entirely to setting up future episodes. It was almost like filler, and you should never have the season opener feel like filler. I found myself bored, and I even lost attention a few times and played a couple rounds of Angry Birds on my cell. Not good, not good at all. I did beat some high scores though. But back on topic – the episode left me unfulfilled and honestly, I have no desire to even check out the second episode. I will of course, but I am not pumped for it.

The entire episode was mostly spent looking for Lydia, who was thought to be behind a few bloody events in town. There wasn’t a lot of suspense there, and when they weren’t talking about Lydia, I totally forgot about her. It was rather blah. Then there was Jackson. He was bitten and apparently it didn’t go well, so now he has black ooze coming from his nose and ears. I’ll admit I am curious about how he will fare, but those scenes didn’t enthrall me either. Even the glorious Stiles was a letdown, he wasn’t really funny this episode. Sad.

The only positives were the sexy scenes. Yes, that sounds like me being shallow and pervy, but really, the episode had nothing else going for it. Very little happened in that hour-long episode. Here’s hoping episode two is better.

What were your thoughts on the first episode of Teen Wolf Season 2?

– Moonlight

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  1. Same opinion here, and the first ten minutes were an early sign. Looks like MTV is doing what it does best: giving the bare minimum after getting a good first season.

    Given how shizophrenic the first episode was, it’s pretty clear the writers are trying to cram in even more sub-plots early on to try and justify the 24 episode length of Season 2. The problem is mystery/suspense stories fall apart when too much is thrown at your face early on. Skyrim proves it, as does Diablo III, and those you can power-game through.

    Even making the series too long ruins some forms of suspense, unless you’re good at red herrings/situational enounters, or you make the show cover a short time frame. See 24 for examples. When things drag out too long, it makes the characters look dumb.

    Like I said before however, I will not watch this show anymore. It’s clear to me they’re not trying and only going for the cheese/beefcake to prop up this season. With Grimm coming to DVD however, I’ll save some money for that.

    1. It was one episode, the first episode, which is what I watched. I didn’t miss anything, I didn’t watch “half the story.” Sunday was episode one, Monday was episode two. This review is on the first episode.
      Also, that review and photos you linked to are so SO bad. That writer spent more time attempting to be funny than anything else and their humor is forced and cringe-worthy. I mean, hey, to each their own, but that was possibly the worse review I have ever read.

      1. Different strokes for different folks. You’re the one the asked what we thought of the opener. It should be ok to declare my enjoyment of it, even if I’m the only one that does. Personally I prefer to share my enthusiasm over my bile. No need sully the enjoyment of the people who are on board.

        Personally, I still think you should check out the second episode, which is stronger than the first. But of course if you have no interest you have no interest.

        1. Oh no, there’s nothing wrong with enjoying it! Sorry, I wasn’t trying to make you feel that way. I just hated that review, not because he enjoyed the episode, but because of how cheesy the review and those pictures were. It looked like the writer was trying to be funny, but he was really forcing it and it was uber cheesy. Sorry again.

          1. Wow, thanks. I’m definitely not above cheese-ball stuff, but I completely understand that it can be annoying. Thanks for setting me straight about your intent.

  2. Hmm I too often lost interest in parts though I think in part it was my own focus. I had a second opportunity to watch and it did help because I found it made a little more sense as the season does seem to start rather randomly sometime after season one with as if in midstory almost.
    I did also get to see episode 2 thanks to Muchmusic (Canada’s MTV) and it does start to gain a better pace though not perfect. Not sure I have a verdict yet but I am neither upset nor thrilled yet but then again I am hardly their target audience.

  3. For someone who enjoys True Blood(a show filled with Misogyny, pathetic excuse for werewolves, and mindless, senseless, asinine, side-stories), your giving Teen Wolf a hard time. Moonlight.

    1. I give True Blood a hard time too, more than I do Teen Wolf ;) I have countless issues with True Blood and have had to force myself to watch it at some points. I hate the ridiculous side stories and pointless characters and have bashed them over on Vampires.com (another site I write for) many MANY times. I can’t stand entire episodes dedicated to nothing more than sex scenes. And I hate the scenes that go nowhere. I have fully declared my hatred for Season 3 of True Blood, it was horrific. I have trashed talk TB many more times than Teen Wolf. :) TB has it’s pros, but it also has many many cons. I loved season 1 of Teen Wolf, but this season 2 opener was a huge disappointment for me. I really do hope it gets better. So yes, I occasionally enjoy True Blood, but I agree, it has many faults that I hope get better too.

      1. Ha! I’m still undecided about if I’m going to continue watching that one. I was seriously unimpressed with season 4. I’m rarely up for shows with so many story lines and with the quality of most of them seeming to take a dive it’s hard to be hopeful. It’s a shame because I really enjoy Jessica and Pam.

        1. Yeah, the show has some amazing characters and they could have great stories… but, when a show has a million random underdeveloped side stories it muddies the good.
          And I love Pam as well, she’s my favorite.

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