What Are Your Thoughts on Werewolf Romance?

heartThe other day I went to our Facebook page and asked you guys what you want me to write about – and I got a lot of responses. The answers that surprised me the most though were the romance ones. Some of you asked me to write about werewolf romances! All this time I thought that was such a taboo subject on this site. I thought everyone here was obsessed with gore and horror. But it turns out that some, not all, but some of you want a little werewolf lovin’ in your lives. And that got me thinking and wondering and all that. I couldn’t up but wonder how the rest of you felt about werewolves in romance novels. Then I was struck with the need to create another poll. So it’s poll time!

Personally, I like it… on occasion. I refuse to read only ONE subject or ONE genre. That would get awfully boring awfully quick. So yes, I do read grand romance novels on occasion, just like I occasionally read violent and gruesome novels. I like a mixture. I know many will say “werewolves are supposed to be scary!” But please, tell me where that law is written. There is no right or wrong werewolf. Plus, who says a werewolf can’t rip someone to shreds one minute and have sexy times the next? No one! Fuck rules!  Werewolves can do it all!

But enough about my opinions. What are yours? Do you like werewolf romance novels or films? Do you think it’s ok for a werewolf to be in love? Let me know in a comment below.

Also, going back to the Facebook thing – if you ever want to shoot me an idea or request, send me a message here or on Twitter. I may just pick up your idea.

– Moonlight

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  1. Some of the novels are good others are just plain awful. Werewolf romances in an adventure type of setting or a boy meets girl thing I can get used to but there is only so much porn you can take. Mind you there have been werewolf novels with erotic overtones and good romance but have you seen what they have on amazon and other book sellers terrible.

  2. Some books I’ve read are just really awful. The erotic ones don’t count – wasn’t expecting much of a story there.

    My biggest problem is the books all seem to be the same. The only series that is a little different is the Urban Werewolf series by Karen MacInerney: while the werewolves are ‘regular wolves’, the stories themselves are a mix of adventure/humour/mystery. And, as for the main character’s love interest…he’s a werewolf, yes, but their romance doesn’t heat up until the 3rd and final book.

    My only beef in that series, is the main character doesn’t transform often enough (but that’s understandable – she hates being a werewolf!). But its a really good read – I recommend it!

  3. werewolves need love too but finding a way to convey that with out sounding stupid or *groan* twilighty is difficult. I am now reading a series that has a werewolf in it but also other werecreatures and they have done an excellent job conveying a horror adventure story with the right amount of romance in it. hopefully soon we will have more writers seeing the untapped market for a great werewolf gore romance and they will rise and deliver.

  4. Not being too widely read, what really turns me off for some werewolf romance are fairly young characters. We all know that lycanthropy is a hyperbole for coming of age, but it seems to be an increasingly common theme. I feel like what the werewolf ‘genre’ needs is a romance between two mature characters (One or both being of the lupine persuasion), who fancy that they’ve been around the block a few times, but still find something new.

    Who says you can’t teach a dog new tricks?

  5. Werewolf romance in film, novels, and tv shows have been neutered to the point where the werewolf genre is limping. Until someone takes the genre seriously, we’re stuck with teen angst romance and trashy, erotic, romance novels for housewives to go along with our werewolves.

  6. I wrote a werewolf romance…I tried to make it a mature story that is true to the werewolf genre. The first link is to the iPad version which is fully illustrated and also has music from Nox Arcana….the second link is to the text only Kindle version. If anyone from this forum does read it I would enjoy your comments.



  7. there are some fantastic novels if your willing to slog through media pop culture crap&look behind “featured authors’ ignore the ridiculous book sectioning genre signs&you find some really fantastic authors in many places.

  8. As long as it doesnt suck ass. There are too many wereweolf stories around the web and elsewhere that use the lame ass werewolves (if we should even call them that, there not worthy of the title as far as I’m conserned) that that are look for their “mate” and other crap like that.

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