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What Are Your Thoughts on Teen Wolf Season 2?

So, it turns out the folks behind Teen Wolf decided against Season 2 being 23 episodes long like they originally planned, and instead went for the regular 12 episodes, which means that Season 2 has come to an end. The finale has come and gone and the dark and epic season is over. Which means it is now time to share your thoughts on Season 2!

In spite of loving me some werewolves, I am SO behind on Teen Wolf… as in 11 episodes behind. Bad me. But, thanks to my roommate constantly gushing about the awesome that is Teen Wolf Season 2, I am pretty up to date on what has gone down.

While the roomie enjoyed a lot this season, she also noted some lame parts. According  to her there has been quite a few rough patches in the show, like Allison turning into a giant sack of crazy after the death of the mother she didn’t even like. I guess her extreme and horrific violence was a bit out of character and didn’t make much sense. Allison filling some poor werewolf with arrow and arrow is over the top. Then there was the whole Jackson dying and coming back and dying and coming back this. Bizarre. Oh and Gerard, he was the season’s king of douchebagery.

The kanima storyline was an interesting one. It totally doesn’t match up with real kanima folklore (it’s a jaguar-like spirit), but it’s still fascinating. I like that the writers brought on something unique instead of going the usual route of nothing but hunters or vampires.

What did you think of Teen Wolf Season 2? In your opinion how was the story, the writing, the entertainment value… etc.? Are you looking forward to Season 3 or are you done with the show? Let us know in a comment below!

– Moonlight

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moonlight • August 17, 2012

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