What Are Your Thoughts on Teen Wolf Season 2?

So, it turns out the folks behind Teen Wolf decided against Season 2 being 23 episodes long like they originally planned, and instead went for the regular 12 episodes, which means that Season 2 has come to an end. The finale has come and gone and the dark and epic season is over. Which means it is now time to share your thoughts on Season 2!

In spite of loving me some werewolves, I am SO behind on Teen Wolf… as in 11 episodes behind. Bad me. But, thanks to my roommate constantly gushing about the awesome that is Teen Wolf Season 2, I am pretty up to date on what has gone down.

While the roomie enjoyed a lot this season, she also noted some lame parts. According  to her there has been quite a few rough patches in the show, like Allison turning into a giant sack of crazy after the death of the mother she didn’t even like. I guess her extreme and horrific violence was a bit out of character and didn’t make much sense. Allison filling some poor werewolf with arrow and arrow is over the top. Then there was the whole Jackson dying and coming back and dying and coming back this. Bizarre. Oh and Gerard, he was the season’s king of douchebagery.

The kanima storyline was an interesting one. It totally doesn’t match up with real kanima folklore (it’s a jaguar-like spirit), but it’s still fascinating. I like that the writers brought on something unique instead of going the usual route of nothing but hunters or vampires.

What did you think of Teen Wolf Season 2? In your opinion how was the story, the writing, the entertainment value… etc.? Are you looking forward to Season 3 or are you done with the show? Let us know in a comment below!

– Moonlight

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  1. I detest this show now. And there’s multiple reasons for it.

    One, the mythos is constantly getting updated or added to to cover up for plot holes/convenience. It started with episode 9, with Peter being brought back to life and quickly started going from there, with some past events adding smaller ones to the mix. Episode 11’s revelation being one of the most idiotic, and Mary-Sue-like, I’ve ever seen. And I blame Jeff David for that, the guy who wrote episodes 1, 6 and 8-12

    Next, we have character inconsistencies. Exactly how did Scott go from someone who was just learning to understand being a werewolf at the end of Season 1, and then one day later in Season’s 2 start, he was suddenly more understanding, if not a better master, of what he was. Did the writers go the Mass Effect 2 route here? It sure seems like it.

    Third, this show seems focused on getting the male characters shirtless, which strikes me as pandering to the Twilight/Vampire Diaries crowd. No offense to people who like this sort of thing, but when was the last time you saw a live-action supernatural show that took as many opportunities as this show does to show the female cast nearly naked? There’s none I can think of. Once you turn the sound off and focus on just what’s on screen, you’ll see this happening a lot more in the season. (I may add more later.)

    1. (Had to do split this up else I couldn’t post the above one.)

      And last but not least, Deus Ex Machina. “…a plot device whereby a seemingly unsolvable problem is suddenly and abruptly solved with the contrived and unexpected intervention of some new event, character, ability, or object.” This ties into my first point. By adding elements to the story and mythos on whims, and not detailing what’s going on until after it happens, these writers are taking cheap ways out and not letting the audience really get attached to the characters. Why?

      Because, like Peter, for all you know, they could bring them back to life, reveal that they were actually another werewolf but Scott/Derek couldn’t smell them, ect, ect. This is my biggest problem with the show since it cheapens everything and turns the story into, to be frank, fan fiction. And in fan fiction, nothing is sacred aside from what you hold the most dear. Narrative coherence also takes a back seat at the same time, which is never good in drama, which relies on consistency to be impactful.

      So, yeah. That was long winded, but I had to say it. Hopefully, I made every point as best I could.

      1. Now that your done with Teen Wolf, you can start on True Blood Weres. Seriously, what are thoughts and criticisms on them?

          1. In the comment section, he talks about supernatural tv shows with werewolves in them. He doesn’t actually go in to detail and depth about what he doesn’t like about True blood Weres; like he does with Teen Wolf.

          2. MoonLight, how come you didn’t respond to my guestion? “ever thought keeping all your True Blood posts on your vampire site? After all, True Blood is a vampire show and the Weres are just beyond bad in regards to story-lines, characters, and just about everything else about them.”

          3. I didn’t see your question, sorry. And this site covers everything pertaining to werewolves. It doesn’t matter if the show is a vampire one, it has werewolves in it too and I cover all werewolf related things.

          4. Even if said vampire show portrays Weres in a very negative, and unbelievably pathetic, light?

            Thank you for the responding, Moonlight.

          5. Yup, all werewolves get mentioned. That way the werewolf fans can come together to bash the show. ;)

          6. Thanks for responding to my question, moonlight; and i agree about the whole “bash the show” idea.

            But they are just soooooo crappy. Its just that i’m seeing how the Were pack scenes are under a minute long and none of them actually stand out. Most of the of the online reviews don’t even discuss the Were storyline at all (you hardly mention them in your reviews too). There also not alot of mentioning of Alcide’s character development from the reviews just his abs (which you refernce as well)……. seriously, all they talk about are his abs.

  2. The fact that they went from 24 to 12 episodes is noticeable. The plot lines in this story are many which can sometimes work against it. Especially when they are partially developed than kind of dropped to advance another in order to tie enough up to end the season in half the time. It it very disappointing but may be overlooked by its core audience which are unlikely to be looking at the story the same way especially those young fans of specific actors.

  3. Season 2 was great. Brilliant with the kanima plot. Season ended with me wanting more. Looking foward to the big wolves coming to town and how jackson adapts.

  4. Overall, I enjoyed the season, but I felt something was a little off. The episode cut explains that. It screwed up the storyline by causing the need to create made up mytho fillers and character inconsistencies. The crazy-@$$ Allison set up seemed a little awkward. Although I felt it was necessary to explain the break up. (wich was called for, sorry romancey types. Anyway one of my all time favorite shows and I’ll be watching the third season.

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