What Are People Saying About Dylan Dog?

The first reviews for new film Dylan Dog: Dead of Night are starting to pop up… it’s not exactly a werewolf movie, but werewolves are in it, at least one anyway, and he’s pretty badass: pro-wrestler Kurt Angle will be doing the werewolf in the film. Unfortunately, although Angle’s werewolf is definitely one monster you don’t want to tangle with, he doesn’t come out on top. Still, despite the werewolf getting a little less limelight in the film than we’d certainly prefer, it did look pretty terrific in the trailer. You can check out the trailer here, and read a little bit about the interesting werewolf backgrounds that some of the cast members have. But right now, what I really want to know, is whether or not I should check it out in the theatre, or just wait for NetFlix to pick up the DVD.

According to TGDaily, there are some mixed feelings about the strength of the film’s plot:

“The story does a good job of bringing the supernatural into a classically styled hard-boiled detective story, right down to the slightly grainy film, and the expositive voice-over. The plot however is a bit weak. Almost all of the turning points and revelations are easily predictable, and the resolution of the final conflict is overly passive, even for Dylan Dog – who is often somewhat passive in the comics, as well.

The tone, however, is spot on for most of the film. Dylan himself is played masterfully by past man of steel, Brandon Routh. His frame is perhaps a bit too buff for Dylan as presented in the comics, but this doesn’t take too much away from his performance. He presents the cool, nearly apathetic Dylan. We should expect to see more of Routh in leading roles in the coming years.

At some points however, this finely hones atmosphere begins to crumble as silliness ensues. This is especially true in the ‘learning to be a zombie’ scenes sprinkled throughout the movie. The originalDylan Dog Comics to, of course have some comic relief, in the form of Dylan’s partner, Groucho – whom the film pays homage to with a brief glance of an old Marx Brothers promo poster -but in this case, the goofiness starts to breakdown the tone of the whole tale.”

It’s action/horror/comedy, –to me, it sounds like a lot of people desperately want this movie to pick one genre and stick with it, but it’s just not going to work that way. The film’s trailer basically reveals a high energy plot, just like the comic book it was based on; there are no rules about sticking to specific genre content. There aren’t just werewolves, but tons of monsters, a wisecracking, passive-aggressive detective who specializes in crimes committed by things that go bump in the night. Altogether, the reviews are positive. Which means that this weekend, I’m headed to the theaters to bring you back -my- review!

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