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Werewolves Without Fur

The word ‘psychopath’ strikes fear into the hearts of many, largely as a result of fictitious caricatures in pop culture . . .  

Make no mistake, my friends. Werewolves do exist. Not as envisioned by Hollywood, perhaps (although eyewitnesses who have encountered the Beast of Bray Road, Wisconsin might take exception with that), but real nonetheless, and none the less frightening than their cinematic counterparts. Maybe they are MORE frightening, because they aren’t limited to hunting on nights when the moon is full, and unlike with hairy, howling brutes, you can’t see them coming. They LOOK perfectly human. Genetically, they ARE human. But they have the souls of demons. We call them PSYCHOPATHS.

We need to point out that the majority of psychopaths, or, as they are more commonly referred to these days, sociopaths, are not violent. Only a small percentage have that lupine thirst for blood. By definition a psycho/sociopath is incapable of experiencing empathy. In simpler terms, he or she has no conscience. A proclivity towards violence is required to make him/her a true lycanthrope. But whether violent or not, any psychopath can be dangerous or troublesome, so it pays to know how to spot, and avoid, these beasts in our midst—since shooting them is frowned upon by the courts, and silver bullets are too expensive, anyway.

source: www.msn.com


The Evil Cheezman • September 27, 2015

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