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Werewolves Within: From Game to Movie

There’s a virtual reality game called WEREWOLVES WITHIN. Apparently. I’d never heard of it before. And it is being turned into a movie. Apparently. The movie will be directed by Josh Ruben and written by Mishna Wolff…Stop. You’re kidding, right? No?

Hey, wait a minute. I *have* written about this game before! It takes the basic format of the game “Mafia” and adds a werewolf. Ubisoft, the company that owns the game, sought out a female screenwriter for the project, and Ms. Wolff’s pitch won out. I’m sure her name had nothing whatsoever to do with it. (Actually I’m sure it didn’t, but it does make for a happy bit or serendipity. And I doubt very much that her having that surname hurt her chances any, if you know what I mean.) Mishna Wolff is the author of the memoir I’M DOWN and is a contributor to NPR, so she has some literary cred. Director Josh Ruben has a movie, SCARE ME, set to premiere at the Sundance Film festival. So he’s got some cred, too.

The movie is supposed to be a Horror-Comedy hybrid. Sounds promising. For my part, given the source material, I’m hoping they lean just as much on the Comedy as they do on the fake blood and fur. And please, please, please let the werewolves be practical and not CGI!

The Evil Cheezman • February 18, 2020

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