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Werewolves vs. Zombies

I’ve given this one some thought, and I just don’t see any way it could go down without the zombie being toast. Zombies, generally speaking, are not possessed of superhuman strength. They retain the strength they possessed while alive, which is to say, the strength of a normal human. True enough that they do not feel pain or experience fear, but they possess no fangs or claws. The true strength of the zombie lies in its numbers. One zombie alone doesn’t pose such a great threat, even to a normal human, if the human in question has access to a shovel, a baseball bat, or any other blunt instrument, not to mention a gun and ammunition.

There are a great many differing kinds of werewolves, but–again, generally speaking–a werewolf is larger and more powerful than a regular wolf. And even a regular wolf would be more than match for an unarmed human. A zombie would probably come out on top in a scrap with a wolf, although it would take some damage, but against a werewolf? Teeth and claws, peeps. It all comes down to teeth and claws, and the brute force to employ those fangs and claws. A werewolf would shred a typical zombie like soggy lettuce.

The Evil Cheezman • February 6, 2018

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