Werewolves vs. Vampires

Vampire_werewolfIf you’re here then I think it’s safe to assume you love werewolves. Am I right? But do you love vampires as well, or are you pretty anti-vampire like most werewolf fans are? Vampires and werewolves hating one another isn’t anything new. It’s an age old feud known by all. You have movies like Underworld, books like Twilight and Anita Blake and so forth all showing either a strained relationship between the two species or full out hatred. But believe it or not guys, vampires and werewolves share a few similarities.

First off, like vampires, werewolves also caused mass alarm in Europe during the 1500s and onwards. Back then people were terrified of becoming a vampire, they did all sorts of insane things to corpses and went all out to prevent vampires from coming into being, there were even “experts” that wrote multiple pamphlets on the subject to inform the people about these supposed vampire infestations. The same deal went down with werewolves as well, people feared werewolves in the same way as they feared vampires. Fun fact: there were nearly thirty thousand cases of lycanthropy reported between 1520 and 1630.

Then there was this old belief that someone that was a werewolf in life would then return as a vampire once they died. All due to being ungodly and having a cursed soul and all that not-so-good stuff. Because of this, in Slavic territories (as well as a few others), many names originally used for werewolves eventually came to be used for vampires (vrykolakas, vukodlak, vurkodlak and volkodlak). In France, demonologists wrote of an unique kind of werewolf called the loublin. This werewolf was found in cemeteries, digging up corpses and then eating them. Werewolf myths like this were found all around the world, along with vampire myths as well. In Montenegro, there was a belief that all vampires must spend time in wolf form. In Greece, anyone that ate a sheep that had been originally killed by a wolf would become a vampire.

Vampires and werewolves may hate each other in entertainment but in history and mythology they have many ties to each other. The compatibility of the two was even examined by Ronald Chetwynd Hayes in his story “The Werewolf and the Vampire” (1975).

– Moonlight

By moonlight

One of the writers for werewolves.com, as well as vampires.com.


    1. Cool! I’m writing a book simaler to yours, because there are werewolves. Mine is different thanyours because 1. There are half werewolves, half dogs in it. 2. The were-dogs come back to life. 3. There are helpful vampires in it.

  1. vampires are so gay… if anyone is interested i’m writing a werewolf book that won’t have the gayness of the twilight books. i’m almost done now and if you want you can check out the first few chapters on the link above. the book is called “Werewolves get hangovers too…” its a dark comedy that revolves around the main character’s drunken and monotonous life, not your typical werewolf book. would love to get some feedback from some werewolf fans too.

        1. why do you think vamps are gay? there not they the first being befor werewolfs? I love werewolfs just as much as you do but if it was not for vamps we would not even know about wererwolfs. werewolfs came becouse vamps came!

          1. this is wrong if u r a vapmire remember the rules dont let anyone know im not btw if anyone else reads this but i found that ppl r walking among us r truly wherewolves and vampires a little while ago found out the remainsof a wherewolf…you see when they die they tell the other wherewloves to eat it so that there will be no remains. if your interested to learn more then please ask.

  2. i love vampires and i love werewolves too but lets admit it who wants a guy that turns into a hary monster and a dog like omg what will your friends say and for vampires who wants a bloodsucking monster, like me! like omg yea i am a vamp and so are my friends so don’t mess with us or we will suck your lovely human worm blood and so i love vampires so shut the hell up and dont say shit about vampires ok idiots or else you are geting it

  3. Well, Jennifer the bloodsucker if you knew anything bout werewolves you would know that we could kick your ass any day. We can outrun, outfight, or outsmart you any day. We are the perfect preditors. We have human intelligence topped with animal instinct. What do you stupid bloodsuckers have? The ability to suck? If you ask me that’s a pretty common talent.

  4. there was a lyc girl who i used to know. her name was taylor and sometimes say something like “gerbils are yummy”or tug o war with anything you were holding.she was realy mean and would be mean to anybody who liked vampires.she was only 12 so little more than a pup.she has platnum hair and steal colored eyes.i like vampires and she nearly attacked me when she found out.werewolves made up the myth that they can only be shot with silver so that most wouldnt be rich enough to hunt werewolves.werewolves are not faster than vampires(another myth they made up).

    1. I dont have a problem with all vampires. I only have problems with vampires that think they are so badass and that they can kill anything they come across. Also when werewolves are pups they are amazingly mean. Thats just how we are. Some werewolves are faster it depends on what kind of human you were before you were turned. I have been shot three times with regular lead bullets and though they do go through skin and broke bones and of course I bled I did not get infected or die. Werewolves can’t bleed to death because we produce blood cells too fast. I am sorry that little girl taylor was a bitch to you. Every breed has those and for the record gerbils are disgusting.

  5. its realy hard to find good werewolf or vampire info in your basic monster book.is there something keeping non-werewolves and non-vampires from knowing to much?

    1. No, there are countless books and such on it. It’s just that there’s so much info it’s hard to pick through it all and find truth. :)

  6. jenifer,how do feel about about the whole vampire mania thing? what color are your eyes? what happens when sunlight touches you? how old are you? how did you get changed? i think vampires are realy interesting,but im getting kinda tired of the vampire mania.i bet not all vampires like being this popular.

  7. I WANT TO KNOW THE TRUTH if you “creatures” are real then what else is real? can any others answer my questions?i will never tell the government.i wont tell anybody,except maybe my bff lily,but if you dont want me to,i wont.i thnk you are realy cool,i dont really want to be a werewolf or vampire,esp if its as hard as they say in twilight.the movie was ahsome,but its realy hard for the vampires and werewolves(skinwalkers)they are both simply gorgeous creatures.its not your fualt if you got changed.people think i’m crazy for being impartial.im enchanted and terrorfied by both in equal measures.my mom doesnt believe in stuff like this and i want to believe fairie tales.life would be stark and mundane if all fantastic stories were false and the only truth could be seen by all mortals and be proven by science.iwant to believe in white(good,sparkley)magic.this is why im known as the weirdest girl in the world.:)dont insult me plz,insult my anoying,9 year old ,pink bunny obssessed little sister (jk)

  8. taylor did say “gerbil are yummy” she also has a high temrature,her wolf shaped mood necklace is light magenta,iv only seen my ring turn that color when i was washing my hand with very hot water and when i had a fever,she says she hates it when girls “sparkle” their faces trying to look like twilight vampires,she talks about the moon alot & acotiated transformatian with the new moon before the 2nd twilight book was even writen,she talks about food alot(werewolves seem to be hungry quite often)and she gets giddy & irritable after sunset(twilight) .her grandma keeps holy water and she says shes afraid of owls but i dont know why,maybe something about the wolf wars in ga’hoole or eagle owls.did i tell you that she came to school wearing wolf jewlery,forest green,gold-brown,wolf-grey colored tee shirts with forest,moon,native american looking print,or plaid shirt over a camisole with ripped jean shorts(a twist on the clasic werewolf look:) i cant believe her boy cousin and i are the only ones who discovered the truth by our selves.my mom says shes not smart enough to watch twilight,true blood,wizards,ect,and make her self seem like a wolfgirl,but my mom still doesnt believe.THE WORLD IS INSANE!!!including me:)

  9. what realy happens to vampires when they are the sun?their eyes are red if they drink human blood,right?if they dont,then what color are their eyes?ive never met a vampire(thankfully)so i know almost nothing.they dont eat or sleep,right?never try to kill a vampire with a wooden stake,brom stoker invented this idea all based on vlad the impaler,no real vampire legeands.peace out,suckers >:[~

    1. I’m sorry if you are asking me those questions because I have no answers for you. I am not a vampire nor a fan of vampires actually I have killed vampires before. I mean we all have our reasons. But unfortunatly I don’t have any of those answers for you.

    2. Bram Stoker did NOT come up with the stake in the heart and it didn’t come from Vlad either. Vlad stuck corpses onto giant poles as a warning to enemies, he didn’t stake them in the heart. Staking comes from back in the day when people all over Europe believed in vampires, real people would stake real corpses using specific types of wooden stakes (like hawthorn), that’s not a myth, people actually did this. Real vampire legends are full of stakings. You should check out http://www.vampires.com It is full of vampire news and folklore. Every country has it’s own vampire myth, there are MANY different species of vampires.

      Also, their eyes turning red comes from Twilight, vampires in legends do not usually have red eyes. You should check out some of these posts http://www.vampires.com/tag/vampire-lore/

      Like I said, there are countless types of vampires.

  10. well,i have found other red eyed vampires.vampires should have unusealy colored eyes.the wooden stake still seems silly,christian doesnt like the idea either,stabing is to easy:)shewolf,i dont exspect real vampires to be anything like to like what we dress up as for halloween.i dont think anybody lives in castles anymore.i dont think they turn into bats either.what can you remember?did you rip them apart like christian talks about?why would taylor be afraid of owls?most people thnk european vampires are they most accurate but vampires are very similar all over the world if you take away some superstiton.christian’s method of killing vampires is very popular:)

    1. Well as far as I can remember, I normally start out with a warning bite but the thing about us is once we sink our teeth into something we generally can’t stop until it’s in pieces. So to answer ur question I killl vampires by tearing them to pieces. Also I don’t have a clue why Taylor is afraid owls.

  11. hopefully the vampire obbsession is ending,the world is getting more interested in werewolves.if i could travle in a time machine id: 1.look up the real Quileute legend, 2. watch cancled disney channel cartoons like american dragon, 3.look for more wolfish behaveior in taylor,now i have to stay away from her, 4.get more fairytopia dolls, 5.avoid hunter,taylor,jessica in 5th grade, 6.dont go to tds tour, 7.talk to christian,

  12. If I could go back in time I would prevent my becoming a fireheart. But sometimes we are condamned and punished so we can further appriciate what we have.

    1. oh yeah sorry, see werewolves skin tempureture ranges from extreme cold to extreme heat. When I first realized what I was I had no one to help me. I started to notice my skin getting hotter but the thing that caught my attention was where the heat came from. The hottest part of my body was my chest right over where my heart was. The first werewolf I met called us firehearts because our chests were so hot. I have called it that since, even after I moved to America.

      1. I thought of the Fireheart in the Spiderman comic, he was also part animal.

        Also, not to sound mean, but… you are saying here that you were a werewolf before you came to America, yet a while back you said that you were turned when you were 11 and lived in America. Lies catching up to you?

    1. Im about the height of an avarage sized grizzly bear. I have really thick and long fur and it’s snow white. My body is the body of a wolf, it’s not humanlike at all. My paws and size are the only things that distinguish us from regular wolves. My paws are shaped like human hands; four fingers and a thumb. My eyes are green almost like the grass, they r really bright.

  13. im LOVE with werewolfs, im always talking about them with my cousin,me and my cousin r are always wishing that we will turn into a werewolf:).i hope that come true

  14. if i never suggested that taylor was a werewolf would someone else?ive never atculy seen her transform or anything.im kinda over taylor and christian.twilight is overrated.went camping in the forest,in the snow.please explain moonlight’s question.

  15. I will put a list of what can hurt werewolves, and what can hurt vampires. Werewolves: nothing. Vampires:Stakes (wooden), silver, can be ripped to pieces, sunlight, holy water (actually, any water), holy signs. That’s all I can think of. Sorry.

  16. shewolf ur r sooo kool i love lookin at the hings u tell and i wrote sumthing on A nuther page tht i would like 4 u to see my name is shewolf1997 andd i love ur KIND ALOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. ima werewolf i was bit. Im not hellish and i only hunt animals and im balck with brown with a white muzzle with brown and tan. i kno iv been asking to become one and it came true. shew. shewolf i kno inside ur not a hellish crature. ( trust me im trying to make u a LITTLE happy.

  18. There is a lot of stuff on vampires and werewolves. If you look through out history they are about the same from what I see. Werewolves may be a little stronger but as far as I can see they both are rated the same. I have been looking through the information and see that vampires do not get hurt from sunlight. The one true way to kill a vampire is wooden stake and burn them. Werewolves is with silver. I love both werewolves and vampires so I have done a lot of studing on them.

  19. Hmmm interesting reading i must say.. Warewolves V’s Vampires… This has always been the case.. BUT what happens to he Hybrids ?? The ones unfortunate to be stuck in both worlds of Vampires and Warewolves… Is there a place for us in this…. Vampire appearance, fangs, and all the desires of a vampire but with the abilities of a warewolf.. My eyes are not red, they are cold steel blue, my skin pale yes, my hair black, my nails naturally long, fangs long (sometimes i wish they werent) i really hate having to wax my legs and stuff so much more now than i used to… lol i look the same as i did 10yrs ago, i have not aged and i dont look any different. Some times i prefer to bite, other times i prefer to shred, depends on the mood.. I love full moons and hate the sunlight BUT i can go out in the sunlight as long as it is not too bright and hot. How did this happen? I suppose it was a case of being in the wrong place at the worng time and stuck in the middle of a fight between a vampire and a warewolf.. Bitten and clawed.. i was a mess.. Soo is there a place for Hybrids ?

  20. Vampires and Werewolves are the same, but the first tries to control the hunger and the second just surrender to it.
    The thing about the sun and the moon is because the polarity, the sun is + while the earth and the moon are -, so the vampires loose the vital energy when they are exposed to the sun, while the hunger of the werewolves goes mad when the polarity of earth and full moon charges the land with – energy.
    Neither of them actually need blood or flesh, they need the life that is metaphisicaly charged in it. And the transformation happens in a spiritual way, so they just become normal wolves, not the humanwolf mix from the movies.
    Movies and novels are cool, but the reality is much more complicated and not so cool.
    As a vampire you will develope powers that will help you to feed, and as a werewolf you will learn to move in nature.
    The silver bullets and the garlic came from a study of alchemy, the silver is supposed to absorb the “-” energy and calm the hunger of werewolfs and the garlic prevents the blood from coagulate, neither was intended to kill them, just to calm them.

    Hope this is useful, sorry for my english, its not my language.

  21. i think werewolfs and vamps are both preety cool. some people dont like this and some people dont like that but like them both becouse ther is somthing diffearnt about both….they both die the same one gets shoot with a silver boulet in the heart and the other gets a stick in the heart so thers nothing differnt!

  22. i know more about vampires than u think like that girl vampires are called verrgys but iknow lots about werewolves too. humans are at the bottom of the food chain when it comes to vampires and werewolves. I HATE WEREWOLVES SOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. werewolves are pretty cool when it comes to the running and the risk tacking but leve it to the vampires for being the best of the best even if they drink ur blood and did u know theres some vampires/verrgys that get there energy from the sun. you would never know they could be ur best freind. the way u can tell the differance between a vampire and verggy is vampires have sharp teeth on the top and verrgys have sharp teeth on the bottom. now yall people are educated about vampires.

  24. im sorry if i sound rude in my letter but vampires and lycans have only one relation an it was the begining of both races. you see their was a man during the the black death in europe that survived even though his entire village was comsumed by death he survived. he moved to the next village to live their after tourching the last. a woman gave birth to two boys twins here he thought he was able to get his life back on track, but when it came to the boys 12th birthday one started to stay in the dark more
    the other quicker, stronger but the father didnt know how to describe it he thought it was just a phase of some sort. he didnt pay real attention to it on till he saw his one son turn into a beast on the night a blood moon. he did not say a thing to his wife in fear of his son to be harmed so he thought it was just his one son but he saw his other son drinking the blood of a drunk man that was past out. then he relized that something inside of him changed that day when he was the only surviver of his village and that it was passed onto his sons. so you see the only common thing between vampires and werewolfs is that their orgins were connected by blood brothers.

    reply back to my email if you want the whole story of “are” orgins.

  25. good story but were did u look that up? and how do u know if its true or not looks can be desving and u cant always trust ur eyes and ears. and u dont haft to believe it every one is almost th same even though divided between countries

  26. i happen 2 luv both Vampires AND Werewolves!!! comparing them is like comparing Twilight and Harry Potter; the 2 hav similarities, but they still are 2 different unhuman beings!!

  27. well as far as i know twilight,newmoon,and eclipce are a buntch of acting and small talk. i mean wat is the chance of a blood sucking vampire to fall in love with u with out trying to suck your blood. its INPOSSIBLE!!! its crazy how many people think they are really sucking vampires and vicious beasts

  28. I like them both. But as far as mystical creatures and beings go, I like warlocks, and I dont mean Harry Potter. Harry and his boys are gay!No hair no pale white skin. Its all been exploited lets try something new.

  29. Guys… Get a grip. Stop being phonies and over protective. THEY ARE BOTH COOL! Okay?! And Get a grip of reality while you are at it. There is no such things as either of them, so stop pretending to be one. “Werewolves” is actually a mental illness called lycanthrope that makes you rabid. Youdon’t grow fangs or fur or claws. Ya just don’t! And vampires, there are such things as people who are allergic to the sun, and there has been cases of cannabilism, but seriously, vampires don’t exist either. I used to respect them more before Twilight came out, and then came the addiction, and the blood-suck pixies… Sigh…

  30. I’ll tell you all what i think… werewolves and vampires may or may not be real. The real truth is that, no one has proof they are real, but also, at the same time, no one has proof they aren’t real. Now, I’m not a lycan of any sort, but i wish I was.And this big debate about werewolves and vampires is silly!! We are fighting over something that we don’t even know is real or not! I don’t see why they couldn’t be real, but I also don’t see why they could. Well, put it this way- you know bigfoot… big hairy dude with big feet. Now, is that real? NO ONE KNOWS. Ok?! No one knows! He could be real, but maybe he’s not. WE DON’T KNOW. Like, has any one here heard of a beavcoon? Beaver raccoon hybrid. Now, is that real? Why not? We have platypuses! And they’re duck beavers! So why can’t beavcoons, bigfoot, werewolves, and vampires be real? No ones if they are real or not. If they are real, I imagine they would only tell the people the were going to turn, but why would they tell a human?! It wouldn’t make sence, now would it? Oh ok, let’s say I’m a vampire, “Hi! I’m a vampire and I like to suck blood!” Ok I wouldn’t say that, but you get the point. So if they are real, they’re probably the only ones that will ever know… or maybe not. I don’t know.

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