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Werewolves vs. Nazis

I concede that I tend to focus on things that I personally enjoy here and on our sister sites vampires.com and darkness.com. Conversely I tend to not write about things I don’t like (or, if something really sticks in my craw, I’ll write about it in order to excoriate it). I haven’t written much about the new CREEPSHOW series not because it doesn’t interest me but because I haven’t seen it, and don’t know when I will get to see it. Even so, I can’t ignore this delicious little tidbit, an installment of the anthology entitled “Bad Wolf Down” which features werewolves killings Nazis. That alone is enough to sell me on it, but an even bigger deal for me is that the installment will feature different *kinds* of werewolves!

Said Rob Schrab, writer and director of the piece: “I had this story brewing in my head for years…I’ve always had a love for werewolves and I always had a love for war/action and I just wanted to mash them up. And when I was working with Greg [Nicotero] and pitching this story, I said, ‘Hey, we’ve got an opportunity here to not only pay an homage to horror and war comics, but also we have an opportunity to pay homage to all the werewolf stories.’…So, I wanted to see what would happen if like The Wolf Man, Rob Bottin’s Howling werewolf and Rick Baker’s An American Werewolf in London, what would happen if they were all in the same story together.”

“Bad Wolf Down” was part of the second episode of the new series. I can’t wait to watch it.

The Evil Cheezman • November 8, 2019

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