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Werewolves vs. Everything Else!

Step into the mythical and magical beast arena where we pit werewolves against some of the biggest and baddest creatures out there! Why? Because you always hear about werewolves vs. vampires, and well, it gets old after a while. Right? So let’s see how the wolves handle some other random beasts of lore.

First battle is…

Werewolf vs. Yeti

The yeti (also known as the Abominable Snowman) is an ape-like beast that is believed to reside in the Himalayan region of Nepal and Tibet. While there are countless descriptions of the yeti, the majority of them claim the same thing – that this beast is around 10 feet tall, weighs more than 300 pounds and in covered in thick hair. Now, the question at hand, would a werewolf win a fight against a yeti? I think yes, because come on, all the yeti has going for it is its size. Wolves are hunters that regularly take down prey larger than themselves, and while they do this as a pack, I see no reason why one big bad werewolf can’t do the job alone. It may take some time, and the werewolf may suffer some bad blows, but with those fangs and claws the werewolf would totally take the yeti down.

Werewolf vs. Dragon

This is an easy one – a werewolf would be fucked if it went up against a dragon! See that picture above, do you think a werewolf could take down that big thing? No way in hell. It wouldn’t even be able to kill that little one. Dragons of lore and legend are massive, have thick tough scales, can fly, and some of them can even breathe fire. It doesn’t matter how sharp a werewolf’s claws are, it wouldn’t even break the skin. This fight would be over in seconds, the wolf would either be eaten in one bite or would be burnt to a crisp.

Werewolf vs. Unicorn

Ahahaha! Sorry, I couldn’t resist pitting a badass werewolf against a beautiful unicorn. The twisted part of me pictured it in my mind and laughed. All an unicorn is really is a horse with a horn on its head. They were believed to be magical creatures of grace and purity, they could heal and purify water, and only virgins could catch them. Yeah, a werewolf would rip a unicorn to shreds. The unicorn may be able to spear the werewolf with its horn, but chances of it doing so before the wolf took it down is unlikely.

Werewolf vs. Minotaur

Hmm, now this is a difficult one. The minotaur is a beast from Greek mythology that is half human and half bull. It lived at the center of a great labyrinth built for King Minos of Crete. According to Greek myths, the minotaur was eventually killed by Theseus. Now, just because the human Theseus managed to kill the minotaur doesn’t mean a werewolf could do so as well, after all, werewolves don’t have swords to stab it with. So I am unsure on this one, most pictures of the minotaur show him as a majorly muscled creature with a giant ax, so I’m not sure how a werewolf would do against this component. It may get a lucky bite in and hit an artery on the bull-man. Hmm.

Werewolf vs. Mermaid

This battle came up when I wondered to myself how a werewolf would handle in water. Would it even be able to fight, would it be too busy trying to stay afloat? Anyway, in most, not all, but most stories of mermaids they’re evil creatures that like to drown people. So if a werewolf were to jump into the water in attempt to kill a mermaid, chances are that she would just grab his tail and pull him underwater and drown him.

There are countless mythical and magical creatures out there, so I’ll end this fun little post here. Please don’t take this too seriously, like I said, it’s just a fun post meant to spark your imaginations. And on that note, what do you think about the battles above, who do you think would really win? And what about other creatures not listed, can a werewolf beat them? What do you guys think?

– Moonlight

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moonlight • May 16, 2011

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