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Werewolves vs. Everything Else – PART 2!

You guys loved the first edition of ‘Werewolves vs. Everything Else’ so much that I’m bringing it back! For those new to the game, this is where we jump into mythical and magical beast arena and pit werewolves against some of the biggest and baddest creatures out there! The first round had werewolves fighting dragons, mermaids and even unicorns. This time around will be just as wild, and of course, I threw in a few of your recommendations.

Round 2 begins now!

Werewolf vs. Kitsune

I was asked by a reader to do this battle, and since I aim to please, I couldn’t pass up on it. Kitsune is the Japanese word for “fox” and it is believed that they possess great intelligence, long life, and magical powers. Their most impressive of powers was the ability to shapeshift into human form. Kitsune are also said to be very tricky and cunning creatures. So, how would a werewolf fare against one of these? Personally, I think a werewolf, unless highly intelligent, would be screwed since the kitsune are so clever and tricky. I picture a big ol’ wolf just falling right into a trap and getting killed.

Werewolf vs. Harpy

If you remember your Greek mythology then you’ll know what a harpy is, if not then let me fill you in. A harpy is a wicked, filthy, winged monster who was a mixture between a bird and a woman. They had sharp talons, feathery wings and were said to fly as fast as lightening. They were usually used by Zeus to capture and torture people. Would a werewolf win a fight against one? Hmm… I think so. Werewolves have strength and power and with one strong bite could easily break a harpy’s bird bones.

Werewolf vs. Godzilla

This is another one a reader asked me to do and it’s just too silly to resist. Godzilla is a fictional giant dinosaur-like Japanese monster that first appeared in Ishiro Honda’s 1954 film Gojira. Personally, I don’t think there’s any way in hell a single werewolf could win a fight against this massive beast. Godzilla would just stomp on ‘em.

Werewolf vs. Leprechaun

Hehe… I couldn’t resist doing something so ridiculous. Leprechauns are believed to be tiny money-loving tricksters. They aren’t really know for their fighting skills, instead they love to dance and collect gold. Would a werewolf win a fight against one? Ahahaha yes, I think so, all it would take is one bite.

And that ends round 2 of Werewolves vs. Everything Else! What do you guys think, any verdict you agree or disagree with? Any other beasties you’d like to pit against a werewolf?

– Moonlight

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moonlight • July 23, 2011

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