Werewolves: The Up And Coming Explosion?

Since the premier of Twilight in 2008 there has been an explosion of vampire mania. It would appear that people are taking a real interest in vampires and this is not the first time this has happened. Though it did not cause as big an uproar, Anne Rice did cause a new wave of vampire fans with her books and movie Interview With The Vampire back in 1994. It seems that every decade or so there are new vampire fans welcomed into the club.

However, there now seems to be coming some major competition for the vampire, the werewolf. All over the Internet you will see Team Edward and Team Jacob sites and most recently there is the new devastatingly hot werewolf, Alcide, in the hit series True Blood. Could these muscular badass wolves be competition for the dark mysterious creatures of the night? There was a post done before mine by Moonlight that says no. But I think that there is some indication pointing towards a werewolf explosion!

Evidence of a werewolf phenomenon seems to be quietly making its way. Such evidence as the recently remade movie: “The Wolfman”. Has mentioned before, the first appearance of Alcide in True Blood episode 3. Along with this is author’s such as, Alice Borchardt (Anne Rice’s sister!) who has introduced The Silver Wolf, Night Of The Wolf, and The Wolf King.

Even more evidence is the remake of the 1981 flick, “The Howling”. It was announced days after Twilight: New Moon scored the third largest opening weekend. Also, MTV is starting up a new series called Teen Wolf. There is no way to be sure but I would not be surprised in the least if new books based on werewolves began to come out a year from now. It would appear like lots are in the works to get werewolves up on the totem poll. But will this take away from the vampire craze or just add to it?

In my personal opinion it seems to just add to it all. What I am waiting for is the next witch craze. We have not had a good wave of new witch fans since “The Craft” was released. But who knows, maybe after werewolves have had their fill witches will be able to fly into the scene.

Back to the topic though, in the past werewolves have been less attractive due to their snarly outer appearance and the fact that they are not immortal or romantic. However, it seems like all of this could be changing for the wolf. In Twilight: New Moon you see a softness in Jacob along with a need to fight for Bella, just look at how protective of her he is. Not many werewolves have been like this in the past. In a way tween girls might see this as more romantic. Also, the normal half human half werewolf look seems to be out the door while just using a plain wolf appearance seems to be in. This is look is more appealing to lots of tweens out there.

Though not immortal like a vampire, in many book werewolves do live longer than humans. But what I think will attract girls to a werewolf is the fact that you can grow old together and not have to be turned into a monster of any kind. Someone that loves a vampire would have to become a vampire to be with him or her until they never die. This is not true for a werewolf and it might entice more people then some think.

Personally, I think times may be a changing. In a way, this could be a great thing! Werewolves need some more time in the moonlight then vampires get for a little while. But what do you think, could werewolves end up glamoring the girls more than a vampire does?

This was a follow-up response to “Will Werewolves kill the vampire craze?

Elizabeth J. Kolodziej began writing in 2005. She has written articles for eHow and her specialties include literature, folklore, and travel. Recently, she published a book called “Vampyre Kisses” and is now working on doing some guest blogs and articles for Demand Studios. Much of her experience was obtained while at George Mason University, earning her bachelor’s degree in English, concentration: fiction writing.  You can find Elizabeth on twitter @ejkolodziej or her web site at VampyreKisses.com


  1. I think a key to werewolf success on tv is sticking to werewolves who turn into full wolves. The whole hybrid thing is cool but hard not to do either lamely or to monsterous to be sympathetic characters to the general audiences, especially young female audiences who have shown the power they have in making movies like Twilight and shows like Vampire Diaries such hits.
    Potential succcess is characters such as Jacob and Alcide as well as the new werewolf characters on The Gates tv series.

  2. Witches enter the true blood series in book 4, from then on there is a main witch character thats there for the rest of the series. There’s also a pretty badass vamp/wolf/witch war where Sam shifts in to something pretty sweet to fight off some wolves from a rival pack. Can’t wait to see how Alan Ball portrays that whole scenerio if at all…

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