Werewolves: The Dark Survivors Special

darksurvivorsSo, Animal Planet, yes, Animal Planet just debuted their dark and twisted werewolf special,  Werewolves: The Dark Survivors.  This special is a “mockumentary,” a fake documentary meant to sound like something real.  According to Animal Planet’s website

Dare to imagine that werewolves aren’t myths, but are actually a part of our world. Since escaping to the New World in the 17th Century, the werewolves among us have managed to stay hidden…until now.

So the unique special asks the question, what if werewolves were real and lived with us all throughout history?  Werewolves: The Dark Survivors is about a series of murders in the Great Lakes region of the US.  It follows a wildlife expert and detective as they track down the culprit. Since this is done by Animal Planet I wouldn’t be surprised if there are a lot of wolf facts in it. Throughout the whole thing it is treated as a real documentary about real werewolves. They took real werewolf lore and modern facts and mixed them together into a believable story. They even involved historical evidence of lycanthropy, and how people with this disease managed their secret lives through history against persecution and whatnot.

So far it is getting a lot of mixed reviews. Some love it and wish there were more mockumentaries like it, covering an assortment of magical beasties (like vampires and such). Then you have people that were scared shitless by it and are now afraid to walk around alone at night, haha.  For the most part people have really enjoyed it, but I have read a few reviews that weren’t so nice, one person saying they fell asleep halfway through.

From the looks of the trailer (posted below) it looks interesting, gruesome but interesting. The trailer is a little gore-filled, so if you aren’t a fan of mutilated bodies you may not want to watch.

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  1. Watching it right now and with a couple of friends. I agree with something said above, about getting more mockumentaries about other things, such as vampires (not the stupid sparkly ones like “Twilight” but cursed ones who burn to ash in sunlight), and various other creatures. Loving this! I’m just wondering why Animal Planet didn’t cover their asses by saying it’s a mockumentary. Could someone sue for assuming it’s true? Anyway, my friends and I enjoy :)

  2. This was the single most incredible thing I ever saw. It would do well as a full length movie on the big screen

  3. I’ve enjoyed it. I caught part of it the other night, taped it when it repeated at midnight, then watched it tonight as I burned it to DVD.

    Any idea who the narrator is? It sounds an awful lot like Richard Dreyfuss.

  4. Its a very good fake documentary, but at the end they should but that it was fake and is not real. I missed the first thirty minutes so i am not 100% positive that they had done so.

  5. oh my god i am so happy watch this i am only 11 but that show awsome that one part where they took the young girl wolf and eat bthe deer and looked with the blood comeing out from her mouth love it

  6. Werewolves: The Dark Survivors.
    I don’t believe in werewolves but this mockumentary has many plausible elements that could make a person rethink their disbelief. The story is woven together with enough plausible answers that it make sense in a logical way. Nothing is to intensely outlandish and obviously fake. I still don’t believe in werewolves, but this film makes them sound as if they are one of the many races to move to the U.S. and be completely absorbed into its psyche. Could make a believer out of some people.

  7. I was completely fooled. I totally thought it was real. When i got to school some other kids that thought it was real and I were telling everybody how cool it was. I really want to know when this will come out on DVD. Because I AM GETTING IT

  8. I live in Beast of Brey Road country .. haven’t seen one but I did write a “what if” erotic book (alone with three other authors) about the Beast and the Blue Moon. However, I did miss this show .. was watching original Dark Shadows .. any way .. does anyone know when this will air again?

  9. I like the premise but the female role/lead really got on my nerves. The narration was a little over the top too…like a smarter than average 6th grader wrote it…

  10. Had a couple holes in the story but overall very happy with it. Nice to see a different approach to werewolf movies.

  11. I saw that. It was alright. I could see how a human would believe that but when you watch it through a werewolf’s eyes the first thing that runs through your head is, THIS IS STUPID but after you watch it for awhile you kind of get into it. See some of it is truthful some of it myth. Yes our curse is spread by some type of disease in our venom but it is not rabies and the episodes those supposed werewolves were having. FAKE! Believeible but fake.

  12. Werewolves huh? these guys who posted this are speaking of stereo types.Trust me, i know what a real werewolf is.Dark,yes,Brutal,no.

  13. i do not know if i should belive it or not?But if it is not true i think they did a cool job on making u think its true.i am not saying i belive it i am not saying i don’t belive it.i am saying wich one is true the video that they made was cool.but right now i am looking up stuff to see if werewolfs are real or not.so if any body has profe that werewolfs are real or not please leave a message and tell us.i want to know if they are real or not.so i think that they mite be real.but i am working on it.the info that i have gathered says that they mite be real.but they mite not.it says that it mite but i am still trying to have a full answer on they are real or they are not real.but the answer is now is that they are real.but there is a but on it.i do not belive they are real.i just got some info that werewolfs are real but i am still working on it.so don’t be scard yet.so if u do get info that they are real or not please leave a message.

  14. I found the whole thing wonderful actually! I remember when Animal Planet did a mockumentary about dragons 5 or 6 years ago and I just LOVED that show!! Now, they have gone and done my favorite creature of the night: the werwolf<3 No words can possibly describe my utter eleation about this show!!!

    It blended all the werewolf lore with 21st century know-how. Another thing I liked was the narrator's view and how he introduced the audience into "their world". If Animal Planet does decide to do another mockumentary, I hope it's just as interesting as its two predessors!! (Please don't let it be about vampires!! So sick of vampiresXP)

  15. I thought that this movie was a real documentary i was sad to find out afterwards hat this is a mockumentary ..it pissed me off. fuck mockumentary.

  16. Some parts of this were really stupid, and the naration could definitely have been better. I like the fact that they tried to explain it scientifically and all that stuff they did with combining the legends. However, things like the hours long transformations which change virtually nothing exept maybe the nose or something, and especially the narration( so cliche, cheesy, over the top), really need to change. By the way, I like how it has nothing to do with the moon, it’s a nice change. I also like the whole idea of trying to claim the territory since it’s very wolflike, but the whole downwind thing doesn’t work out all the way. I would suggest that they replay this sometime before next month is over since many people, including me, missed a part of it. Then they should take it back, work on it a little more(some parts seemed rushed), and then put it back on with a slightly different title. Then they can put it on DVD so that persons interested can buy it and keep it to have and to hold and to watch untill death do them part. I love the idea of a mockumetaty, and wish that they do another soon. Please do NOT do vampires, the world just can’t stand another vamp story fo another couple of years. Twilight, Vampire Disries, etc, will suffice for now. Do the next mockumentary(I really need to think of a shorter name for that) on werewolves. Have a new point of view. The thing is, werewolf fans have little to run with in the way of television, or at least not much that’s good at any rate. We really need to make the most of what comes our way.
    P.S. Shewolf, you are absolutely right.
    P.S. Howler, how do you know exactly what a werewolf is to be like? ;)

  17. Just saw the movie, and must say, this is a “treat” because the actor who portayed the “Alpha Male” should had been in “True Blood” Seasaon 3,as “Alcide Herveaux”. That’s who I pictured when I was reading the books. Also, The whole famliy,or “PAC” was great. I would like to see more of this family, and thier adventures. There should be a T.V.Series or Book deal on them…Hey! Bill and Eric, Watch out! “The PAC Is Back” and there staying!!!!!!!!!

  18. I thought it was alright…. even thought a few things were mmmm stretched out a little thin, but then again, in the back of my mind a little voice say, ohhhh I’m absolute leaping for joy that its not another vamp movie….. but then again new moon wasn’t far off from what they look like and that’s about it. Sure they are social and along with a lot of things but the law, if you going for a hunt hunt with the pack or not at all thing also rings a bell. sure they are shrounded by the mystical night and cloaked in the moons blanket, but then the are like and not like humans, sure some can be butal, but then some might even be sipping some tea at the nearest cafe…. in the end which reminds me my drink is getting cold.

  19. I dont have animal planet and have only seen the clip and read about it. I want to see it *sobs* I cant find it streamed on their site or anything.


  20. OK, it’s October 20th; Animal Planet hasn’t run this special in the entire month of october, and it’s not scheduled to run before Halloween. Who is asleep at the switch in the scheduling department? This is a PERFECT special to run at this time…

  21. Nice documentary, it was obvious that it was fake. But it’s okay as long as you don’t take what it says about actual wolves serious. These “werewolves” remind me about the stories when a human was bitten by a rabid wolf and became rabid himself.

  22. I have been looking for the English Substitle for hearing impaired of this movie, but I couldnt find any.

    Could you help me, please?

  23. i don’t doubt that it might seem a little skeptical however i believe that this might be based on truth no matter what any one says but no one was told that they should or shouldn’t disprove such as something like this. i in my opinion believe this should be nothing but truth

    1. in addition i believe that saying it’s mokumentary is simply just a cover up.i may be in denial but i refuse that such a thing is faked.

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