Werewolves that Kick Butt the Most

Werewolves that Kick Butt the Most

I am generally not a fan of horror movies or TV shows, but monster movies, books, and TV series are totally different matter. While there may be an element of horror in them, it’s the monsters that make the difference, particularly if the monsters in question are werewolves.

There is just something awe-inspiring about seeing a normal human being turn into a totally different creature. Man-wolf doesn’t even begin to describe it for me, but werewolves sure do give one the chills, especially the period of transformation.

If you’re reading this, then we’re obviously kindred spirits, so why don’t we take a look at some of the werewolves in pop culture that kick butt the most?

Peter Rumancek of Hemlock Grove



Peter Rumancek is a relative newcomer to the werewolf scene, with Hemlock Grove only starting in 2013. From the get go, however, his character already caught the attention of viewers, and when his transformations started, we all saw just how “bad” this werewolf is, while at the same time having a somehow compassionate side.

Lawrence Talbot in The Wolfman

The Wolfman


This werewolf that certainly looks like he can kick anyone’s butt is played by Benicio del Toro, who takes on the character of Lawrence Talbot, also known as The Wolf Man. The movie is, in fact, a remake of the 1941 classic, and while it has not received high ratings, this movie’s werewolf deserves a lot of respect.

David Kessler in An American Werewolf in London



Made in 1981, you might not expect this werewolf to kick butt, but David has become the standard when it comes to werewolves and their transformations. The story revolves around David and his friend Jack, American backpackers in London. The thing is, they got more than the usual excitement that backpackers get. As it turns out, David is a werewolf and while the villagers try to deny his existence, he still ends up being himself. The scenes of this movie are haunting as haunting can be, and you’ll never see any other werewolf transformation as brilliant as this.

Uncle Ted in Bad Moon

Unlce Ted


The movie is not exactly the best werewolf in the history of the genre, but what’s scarier than your Uncle being a werewolf? The movie is based on the novel “Thor” by Wayne Smith, and it is told from the perspective of the family dog named – you guessed it – Thor. To be honest, this movie flopped, but the premise and this still from the movie just gives me the shivers.

Lycans from Underworld: Awakening



Just as Underworld usually gets mentioned when talk of vampires arise, the movie franchise also inevitably comes up when werewolves are talked about. In the franchise, there are two kinds – the first generation, who were “merely” called werewolves, and the second generation, the Lycans. The Lycans are an evolved form of werewolves and keep their human personalities and traits even in their transformed state. This fact, combined with superhuman strength and other abilities, make the Lycans one of the toughest of werewolves in pop culture.

From the first half of the 20th century to the 21st century, werewolves have been portrayed in slightly different ways depending on the writer, director, actor, and other people involved in the creative process. One thing is for sure: werewolves kick butt, so you better hope you don’t cross one.

By Karen Dang

Karen Dang is an organized beast who loves analyzing and dissecting all sorts of data. As an expert in the ever-changing Halloween industry, she's constantly keeping an eye on impactful trends in film, music, fashion, and general pop culture. She currently spearheads the Business Strategy group at Pure Seasons, Inc., which is the parent company of PureCostumes.com

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