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When I was a little kid I was confused by the similarities between the words Pennsylvania and Transylvania. (The meanings of the names are “Penn’s land” and “the land beyond the forest,” respectively. Otherwise they have no connection one to the other—unfortunately. I totally wish Transylvania was in easy driving distance the way Pennsylvania is.) I knew that vampires and werewolves came from Transylvania. Did that mean they also came from PENNsylvania? Turns out they do. The latter do, anyway.

The sightings recounted in this video, which I chanced upon this past week while searching out werewolf-related news, may be genuine, but the images used for the video are taken from various films and stock images from the Internet. (Understandable, since it isn’t like they have that many REAL photographs to make use of.) The short video is fairly well presented, providing a cursory overview of werewolf sightings in the state of Pennsylvania over the past few decades. The narrator doesn’t stutter, which is always a plus, and even though it’s obvious he’s reading his lines he enunciates properly. It’s worth eight minutes of your time. It won’t convince any skeptics, but those of us who are already believers will enjoy it.

The Evil Cheezman • February 16, 2017

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