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Werewolves Need Love Too

Spending as much time as I do online you’d think that nothing would surprise me anymore, that I have seen all of the shady things the internet has to offer, but nope, it continues to catch me off guard every now and then. Like today, while scanning the net for werewolf-tastic goodies I came across a dating site… for werewolves, and of course, werewolf lovers. Now, I have lost count of how many vampire dating sites I have seen, but a werewolf one is new for me. But like the title says, werewolves need love too.

The name of the dating website is Werewolf Passions and according to the home page:

“Grrrrrrrrr! A 100% free online dating and social networking site for werewolves and werewolf lovers. Browse the Werewolf Groups to find members based on whether they are into werewolf movies, werewolf books or television shows with a werewolf theme. Meet other werewolves and werewolf lovers. Sign up now to enjoy free werewolf chat, werewolf message boards and email. And on top of all that, enjoy something extra.”

Before you ask, that “something extra” at the end isn’t insinuating something naughty… I checked. It is referring to all of the other “passion groups” you can join. So if you want, you can be a member of the werewolf lovers group, the golf group and even… a mime group. A werewolf golfer mime – hot. Uh, to each their own I suppose.

So if you are an ADULT looking for furry romance, then check out the site and maybe you can get yourself a nice romantic prowl on the beach with the werewolf of your dreams.

If you aren’t looking for love but just a kindred spirit then you’re in luck, for the site offers some other goodies.

“Members enjoy free photo personals, email (send & receive), forums, blogs, audio chat, text chat, webcam chat, instant messaging, friends lists, Werewolf groups, virtual gifts, smooches, library of favorite books recommended by members, directory of favorite websites recommended by members, ‘Who Viewed Me’ features and much, much more.”

– Moonlight

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moonlight • March 13, 2011

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