Werewolves & More in ‘The Maltese Bestiary’ by Stephan Mifsud

“Books about mythical creatures hold a fatal attraction for me….” 

And me; I generally end up with eight million books about Greek mythology in every house I live in, whether I want them or not, and lots of outstanding library fines in every city I’ve ever lived in, which is quite a few due to my nomadic nature. But after reading this, I’m definitely never going to the Maltese Islands; the idea of drawing water from a well with one of these things living in it scares the shit out of me. After living in Florida for half my life, the threat of anything pulling you into the water is very real.

There are exotic monsters and beasts in Maltese folklore, but Malta’s islands have their own werewolves as well, but there is little to no information on them, and the closest we ever got to  anything Maltese in origin was an old movie called The Maltese Bibby circa 1969. So this is your chance to pick up something really unique. Don’t miss out!

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