‘Werewolves’ is Anti ‘Twilight’

There’s some new werewolves in the game and their story is nothing like Twilight. “Werewolves” is an art book that takes the story in a whole new direction.

Co-stars of the Twilight saga and center-stage in a spate of new movies and TV series, werewolves are poised to eclipse vampires as pop culture’s IT creature. Werewolves takes the form of an illustrated journal that plunges readers into the life of a high school girl-turned-werewolf as she makes her transformation. After Alice and her brother are bitten by what they assume are large dogs, her journal/sketchbook becomes a place for her to record the changes they start to experience her socially awkward brother falls in with some creepy new friends, and she surprises herself with new strengths and instincts and a suddenly nonvegetarian interest in raw steak. Joining the werewolf pack that bit them, they discover the pleasures and dangers that come with the cycles of the moon, including threats from “hunters” who stalk them, a researcher seeking a cure, and escalating violence within the pack itself. With a fresh take on the lore and legend, Werewolves gives fans a ripping tale to sink their teeth into.

Author Paul Jessup spoke on “Werewolves” saying that the girls in “Twilight” and other supernatural tales like “Lost Boys” were always victims or were barely-there characters. “I thought it would be interesting to take it the other way,” Jessup said. He wanted a story “not just about a girl who needs to be saved, but a girl who saves herself — as well as her brother.”

In “Werewolves,” Jessup’s collaboration with illustrator Allyson Haller. Its central character, Alice Carr, must use wits and courage to “get out of a horrible situation with the crazy werewolves,” Jessup says, as opposed to waiting around for her controlling vampire boyfriend to rescue her again.

Personally, I think this book sounds fantastic. I am one of many women that despises the pathetic Mary-Sue that is Bella Swan.

– Moonlight

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  3. This sounds wonderful! Can’t wait to read it. I agree, Bella Swan is the worst; she’s a terrible role model as well as just being a boring character.

  4. FINALY something that could overthrow twilight from becoming the stereotype for other occult related books because i would hate to see the mighty powerfull werewolves be turned into something that not even teddy bears would fear

  5. Personally, Twilight provided an escape for me when I read it. Ridiculous over the top romance, but “Werewolves” is exactly the upgrade I need. It’s a bump back to reality with an non Mary Sue heroine and the werewolf creature getting the recognition it deserves. Today I was actually thinking, “Why aren’t there many (if any) known female comic artists.” Now we have one illustrating a strong female character. Go girls.

  6. I really hated how Twilight represented werewolves and women. Ginger Snaps was a great werewolf film with the central protagonists being young women, this seemed to be one of the only recent werewolf films that had women in the leading roles. I am looking forward to seeing another take on the werewolf story with a strong female heroine. it is about freakin time.

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