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Out of all the classic comic book characters out there Blade is doing pretty damn well for himself, I mean, there are three successful Blade live-action movies, a short-lived live-action TV show and now a new Blade anime airing on G4. As much as I’m sure you werewolf fans love this vampire killer, you may be wondering why I’m talking about a vampire show and vampire movies here on a werewolf site. Well, because Blade does have werewolves. They can be found in the new anime and there are even werewolves in Blade: Trinity (you just have to know where to look). Check it out:

First up is the werewolf found in the new Blade anime. Directed by Mitsuyuki Masuhara, the 12 episodes originally aired in Japan last summer, and a few weeks ago, Blade finally came to the US via G4. I watched the first episode not too long ago, and I’ll admit, it was badass. What made it even better was the werewolf that Blade battles it out with. As much I love werewolves, this one was creepy, so I was definitely cheering Blade on when he took him down. Here’s hoping the anime has more werewolves, it’s kind of doubtful, but I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

As I said above, there are also werewolves in Blade: Trinity, you just have to look in the right spot – and that spot is the deleted scenes. If you loved the movie as much as me and actually spent time watching every single bonus feature, you’ll know that hidden in the deleted scenes is an alternate ending featuring werewolves. In Blade: Trinity all vampires are destroyed by a virus at the end of the film, so the Nightstalkers need something new to hunt, and that something is werewolves. The scene is set in a casino and shows the Nightstalkers kicking werewolf ass. The scene was rejected for use in the film due to the discontinuity with the back story, and because the director thought it was too silly.

So, yes, there are werewolves in the vampire slaying Blade series. Who knows, maybe there will be more in the future.

– Moonlight

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  1. You made a mistake. The deleted scene doesn’t exactly involve a “werewolf” as you can say.
    I still don’t like in the design that they gave it pointed ears instead of making them rounded. They probably did this to make it look more menacing, but I don’t buy it. The coloration, pointed mane, and short boxy muzzle is totally off for a werewolf. All they needed to do is add some spots. Hee.
    The problem with the deleted scenes is that it doesn’t do the suit any justice at all since it’s so quick.

    How do I know this? The SFX team that worked on it: Spectral Motion. Since they are updating their website: If you can find old images it isn’t referred to as a “Werewolf”, but “Wolf Hyena” or “Werehyena”. Some images you can find:
    And even they are combining two species that have nothing to do with each other because they incorrectly think they are similar. Guys: Hyenas are not canines! I wonder if zoologists get as irritated as I do.

    It’s too bad Blade’s a Marvel character, such a creature would be a great shoo-in cameo character if it was under a DC franchise title.
    Yes, DC has a talking were-critter of the same species with the most unoriginal name ever.
    Yeah, it’s bad that DC doesn’t really use this character(s) to it’s full potential or various story ideas: You have a were-creature that can TALK! *Based on the old superstitious idea that said animal could imitate your voice*
    While created as a villain first in the Firestorm series, depending on who gets the curse, you could make the creature into a good guy. It hasn’t stopped other shape-shifters in comics from committing heroic deeds.
    Or you can create a comic series involving various different characters with the curse. Come on, DC, do it!
    Have you covered DC’s Frankenstein Agent of Shade yet? I think there’s a werewolf on that team.

    Also do you have any idea to what happened to Marvel’s Werewolf by Night movie? I remember seeing posters for that a long time ago.

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