Werewolves For Kids

Werewolves don’t have to just be for teens and adults only. They don’t need to be part of a dramatic love story or even fearsome bloodthirsty beasts. These supernatural beasties can be for kids too. There are a few child appropriate goodies out there fit for any little one. Here are a couple of books and movies that won’t give your poor kid nightmares of blood and chaos.

The Weeping Werewolf
This is actually the second book the series by Bruce Coville, meant for ages 4-8. This story is about Edward and his friends helping Moongobble the Wizard complete the second Mighty Task so that he can become a member of the Society of Magicians. The gang all go to the Forest of the Night to bring home a bottle of the Weeping Werewolf’s tears. But when they get to the werewolf they discover a very large secret.

Scooby-Doo and the Reluctant Werewolf

There are so SO many Scooby-Doo movies out there so of course there would be one on werewolves. From what I’ve seen kids absolutely love Scooby movies, so this is a great pick for a kid that also likes werewolves. This flick is about Dracula turning poor Shaggy into a werewolf. Along with Dracula this movie has Frankenstein and the Mummy as well.

Walter Wants to be a Werewolf

This is another cute book for ages 4-8, this time written by Richard Harland. This book is about a family of werewolves and every time the full moon shines, the Grimm family begin their transformation into werewolves except for poor Walter, the youngest of the pack. But one moonlit night, his tale takes a surprising turn.

Alvin and the Chipmunks Meet the Wolfman

Alvin and the Chipmunks are back to being loved by kiddies all over again so this movie will be a hit with your youngster. This flick is about monster-obsessed Alvin who is sure that the mysterious new neighbor is a werewolf, but the fun and frights really begin when Theodore starts acting strangely, too.

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  1. Here on Brazil there’s a lot of children books envolving Werewolfs. I have read some of these, they a appropriatte story for children, but do not fail in put the werewolfs elements.

    I can post the titles if you want here

  2. hi werewolves.com! i LOVE werwolves hey i have to ask someing um.. i know its kinda stupid but how do you be a werewolf?.

  3. I met this girl on holiday, and I’m sure she was a werewolf.
    1. she insisted she was a vegetarian and refused to eat meat, but I caught her eating burgers more than once.
    2. If you talked about horror movies she’d wince every time you said ‘werewolf’ or any movie involving them.
    3. When we were feeding the stray cats that hang around the hotel they were fine with me but hissed at her and ran away. The horses on the beach shied away froim her too.
    4. When she got out of the pool I’m sure I got a smell of wet dog (and I have a labrador so I know what that smells like!!) Not definete abotu that but its possible.
    I don’t know about this but from what I’ve been looking at on the internet it seems pretty likely…
    what does anyone else think?

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