Werewolves + Fight Club = Growl!

The love for werewolves continues to grow, which means more kickass movies are on the way! There’s one in particular that sounds in-fucking-credible – Growl. We’ve mentioned Growl in the past, but we’ve finally been given some more info on the 2011 movie.

First off, Growl is being directed and written by Sxv’leithan Essex (bet you can’t pronounce that name) and is about a traveling Fight Club called the Brawlers, who just so happen to walk into the wrong town. When the Brawlers enter a ghost town in the Colorado Rockies they meet the Maxilla Family, the only residents in the desolate town. You would think that common sense would tell them that there’s a reason no one else is in the town and that they should get the hell out of there, but if they did that there wouldn’t be a movie.

But then these are a bunch of tough guys after all, and they love a good fight. But this time around they’re in for more than they could imagine, for the Maxilla Family are a pack of werewolves. These werewolves just so happen to hunt and feed on the Brawlers, which turns some of the fighters into ferocious werewolves as well.

Director Essex spoke on the upcoming film saying, “It’s Fight Club versus werewolves–two of my favorite things thrown in the ring to see what will come out alive. But what I love most about it is its completely character driven. I started writing and wanting to direct after seeing Aliens in theaters and how James Cameron made you care about the characters who would eventually be in peril. I love the characters in Growl like they are my family and it sucks to have to kill some of them off. But they do die some glorious deaths. I’m a total horror freak and I write with horror junkies like me in mind, creating the type of film we really want to see on the big screen.”

Katee Sackhoff (Battlestar Galactica) will star along side Josh Kelly (Circle of Eight), Paul Bean, Jennifer Lee Wiggins (Bled) and Mark Sherman. Kiefer Sutherland is also thinking about joining the production once he wraps up his latest movie, Melancholia.

Check out some of the movie photos:

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