Werewolves at Work: An eBook from the Author, Ashley Harness, Coming Soon!

You know, there are plenty of articles, rules and guidelines to determine whether or not you might be dating a werewolf, living with a werewolf, married to a werewolf, or even related to one. But there really aren’t any fail safe plans to determine whether or not there could be a werewolf in the next cubicle, or sweeping up after hours, or even, -gasp- in a managerial position. There are few things as terrifying as being at the mercy of a supervisor, –because they already have that whole, alpha male/ beta bitch thing going anyway, –the last thing they need is fangs and claws.

Or maybe, you’re the manager, and you suspect one of your employees is a werewolf; this is also a very dangerous situation. Who knows, maybe late one night in the parking garage, you’ll be snuffed out, eaten, dismembered, and worst of all, superseded by an ambitious employee! werewolves in the office or wherever you work, can certainly be a hazard, not only to your health, but to your career. And during these economically difficult times, a good career isn’t something you want to throw away just because you happen to work with a werewolf, –you just have to learn how to protect yourself, and your job.

Then there are all the wackos out there who claim that the only real way to deal with werewolves is to just shoot them with silver bullets, or cut off their heads, or kill their creators, kill, kill, kill. Sorry guys, but I doubt that the security guards at your office building are just going to let you mosey in with a gun, and some silver rounds. Besides that, do you know how much a bullet company charges to custom make silver bullets? I don’t… let me call one real quick. Ah, okay, it’s a really complicated process, and you could end up paying anywhere from $200 to $350, –for one round.

Violence in the workplace is never cool, and you could lose your job over causing a big scene, or slaying your werewolf co-worker in the parking garage. Sometimes it’s just better to get along. By the way, that’s me up there, the Author, –Ashley, with the funny last name, that everyone has screwed with me about for my entire life. I’m writing the eBook, “Werewolves at Work” right now, –and illustrating it by hand too, so needless to say, it’s going to be a lot of work. The book will cover everything you need to know about dealing with werewolves at work; everything from casual sex with werewolves in the break room, to getting to your car in the evening without being mauled by a toothy co-worker, and even learning how to handle having a werewolf as a boss!

Stay tuned for more details!

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