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Werewolves and Pentagrams

There are a lot of theories about werewolves and pentagrams. Some say that you can spot a werewolf by seeing if they have the sign of a pentagram on their forehead or on the palms of their hands. However, because werewolves are very hairy creatures, even when in human form, this might be a little difficult to check. And who wants to get close enough to see? Another theory regarding werewolves and pentagrams is that werewolves can spot their next victim because it’s the victim that shows the sign of the pentagram on their forehead. However, this theory probably came mostly from the movie The Wolfman.

In this movie, Lon Chaney Jr. goes home to Talbot County before he turns into a werewolf. He walks into a shop and buys a neat looking cane that has a silver head of a werewolf at the top of the cane. After buying the cane, Lon Chaney Jr. turns into a werewolf and he can then see the pentagram symbol on future victim’s skin. This take on werewolf theory however was mostly the product of the movie writer’s imagination as it can be seen nowhere else in werewolf folklore (well, none that I can find anyway.)

It’s funny that the pentagram or pentacle symbols show up in so many tales and that it’s mostly used as a sign of evil or Satan worship. Actually, the pentagram has five points on it. These five points are supposed to represent elements of the Earth and spirituality. The five points actually represent: Earth, Wind, Fire, Water, and Spirit. The pentagram also shows up in many Biblical references and some of them even use this symbol in place of the cross.

So as far as werewolves and pentagrams go, there’s no other link to these two except for the movie The Wolfman, which I have to say, is a pretty creative and interesting twist to the many plays on the wolf.

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kate • December 7, 2009

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