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Werewolfism or Puberty?

Here at Werewolves.com we have a lot of young teens and pre-teens thinking that they are turning into a werewolf. They leave comments saying that they are having mood swings, their appetite is changing and they’re craving red meat, that their body has suddenly started to ache, that they’re getting hairier and so on. After they have finished listing off all of their symptoms they then ask one question – “Am I turning into a werewolf?” After seeing so many of you ask this I can honestly say that it’s fairly normal to think that you are becoming a werewolf. However, as badass as it would be to turn into a wolf, the fact of the matter is that all of your symptoms scream puberty, not werewolfism.

Puberty usually hits at the ages of 10 – 14, it’s not the same for everyone, but those are the average ages. A few signs that you are going through puberty are:

Growth spurts: You grow and you grow fast, which causes growing pains. Those aches and pains you are feeling isn’t your body transforming into a wolf, it’s your body growing quickly.

Increased appetite: Due to the changes in your body, you’re going to eat way more. Also, it’s completely normal for you to start craving different foods – like read meats full of protein.

Start of menstruation: You girls out there are going to start your periods and that comes with a whole bunch of symptoms – like cramps, all sorts of aches, extreme moodiness and more.

Hair growth: This happens to the boys and the girls. You’re going to start growing hair everywhere and it’s going to come in much thicker than the hair you have now. It’s not wolf hair though, it’s totally normal and annoying adult human hair.

Puberty also involves MANY emotional and mental changes:

Moodiness and emotional changes: When you’re going through puberty the hormones racing through your body are going to wreak havoc on your emotions. You may be all happy and hyper one minute, then angry the next. It’s common to suddenly feel anxious and irritable for no reason at all. It happens to all of us. We turn into giant sacks of crazy all because our hormones are going wild. It has nothing to do with turning into a ferocious werewolf but all to do with your body changing.

Desire for independence: With all of the changes taking place inside of you – your moodiness, your energy levels and so on – you’re going to want to be alone. Some people lock themselves away in their bedroom, others have the desire to go run through the forests. Once again, this has nothing to do with being a werewolf, it’s your body being normal and changing.

I hope that this has helped you guys out. Like I said, we have had MANY people come here asking for help, so don’t feel embarrassed or stupid, everyone gets lost and confused at times. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask.

– Moonlight

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moonlight • March 3, 2011

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