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Werewolf with a Machete

No, a real werewolf—that is to say, a movie werewolf, an actual, literal werewolf with teeth and claws and fur—wouldn’t need a machete to inflict bodily injury on anyone. A figurative werewolf, though, a human monster, might. William Michael Dennis could not physically transform into a werewolf. He had to settle for putting on a cartoonish werewolf mask. Then he took a machete and hacked to death his pregnant ex-wife, Doreen Erbert, on Halloween night of 1984 in San Jose, California.

There is tragedy behind this story. Dennis and Erbert had a young son who drowned in a swimming pool. Dennis blamed Erbert. On the night of the murder, Doreen was handing out candy to trick-or-treaters. When they ran out of candy, Doreen’s husband left to buy more. He was gone for around fifteen minutes. During that time, Dennis showed up at her door wearing the mask and carrying the machete. He murdered Doreen as her young daughter hid behind the sofa. Dennis cut the unborn fetus out of Doreen’s abdomen and then hacked it apart. Nasty stuff, huh? William Michael Dennis today sits on death row in San Quentin prison, a pretty nasty place in itself. Whether he is eventually put to death there remains to be seen. No prisoner has been executed at San Quentin since 2006.

The Evil Cheezman • November 24, 2019

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