Werewolf Timeline

1550 BC – King Lycaon of Arcadia serves human flesh to the god Zeus and is transformed into a wolf as punishment. The term “Lycanthrope” is derived from this story.

440 BC – In “Histories of Herodotus“, the traveller Herodotus of Halicarnassus (484 BC – 425 BC) writes of the Neuri people, who transform into wolves once a year.

400 BC – A victorious Olympic boxer by the name of Damarchus, an Arcadian of Parrhasia, is said to have transformed into that of a wolf at the sacrifice of Lycaean (Wolf) Zeus, and nine years after he became a man again.

37 BC – Roman poet Virgil (70 BC – 19 BC), in the “Eclogues”, tells of the change of Moeris to the form of a wolf by the use of herbs.

2 BC – 8 AD – Roman poet Ovid (43 BC – 17 AD) writes “Metamorphoses” including a verse about Lycaon, who is transformed into a wolf by the god Zeus.

60 – “Satyricon“, by Roman writer Petronius (27-66 AD), contains a detailed account of a soldier who is a werewolf.

432  – St. Patrick arrives in Ireland

970 – A man named Baianus is believed to be able to turn himself into a wolf through the arts of necromancy.

1020 – First use of the word “werewulf” recorded in English

1101 – Death of Vseslav Bryachislavich, the most famous ruler of Polotsk, believed by many to be a werewolf.

1182 – Welsh historian Giraldus Cambrensis (1146 – 1223) encounters Irish werewolves who transform during the Yuletide feast. The werewolves were reportedly natives of Ossory, whose people had been cursed by St. Natalis for their wickedness.

1194-1197 – Guillaume de Palerne composed.

1198 – Marie de France composes Bisclavret.

1250 – Lai de Melion composed.

1502? 1521? – The three werewolves of Poligny, Pierre Bourgot, Michel Verdung (or Udon), and Philibert Mentot are burnt at the stake being werewolves.

1541 – In Pavia, Italy, a farmer in the form of a wolf is said to have torn many men in the open country to pieces. After being captured, he assures his captors that the only difference between himself and a natural wolf, was that in a true wolf the hair grew outward, whilst in him it struck inward. In order to put this assertion to the proof, the magistrates cut off his arms and legs, and he dies from wounds.

1555 – Olaus Magnus records strange behavior of Baltic werewolves.

1573 – Gilles Garnier, the Werewolf of Dole, is burnt at the stake.

1578 – Jacques Rollet goes on trial in Paris. He was found guilty of being a werewolf.

1588 – The Werewolf of Auvergne is burned at the stake.

1589 – Peter Stubb is executed in Germany after terrorizing the countryside near Cologne in the form of a wolf.

1590 – Michel Jaques confesses to becoming a wolf seven or eight times after anointing himself with an unguent given to him by the devil.

1598 – The “Werewolf of Châlons“, known also as the “Demon Tailor”, was arraigned in France on December 14, on murder charges.

1598 – The same year, the Gandillon family, a sister, brother and two of the man’s children were tried together in France.

1598 – Jacques Roulet, a begger, is arrested in Caude in the vicinity of Angers, France for being a werewolf.

1602 – Michée Bauloz, along with Jeanne de la Pierre and Suzanne Prevost are condemned.

1603 – Teenage Jean Grenier tried as werewolf and is sentenced to life imprisonment.

1623 – There are a series of court trials in which eighteen men and thirteen women are tried for lycanthropy.

1692 – An 80-year-old man named Thiess is tried in Jurgenburg, Livonia. He confesses to being a werewolf.  Judges sentence Thiess to ten lashes for acts of idolatry and superstitious beliefs.

1764 – 1767 – The Beast of Gévaudan terrorizes the former province of Gévaudan, in the Margeride Mountains in south-central France. There were over 100 victims.

1812 – Grimm Brothers publish their version of “Little Red Riding Hood.”

1824 – Antoine Leger tried for werewolf crimes and sentenced to lunatic asylum.

1852 – Traveling vendor Manuel Blanco Romasanta confesses to the murders of thirteen people. Romasanta was tried in Allariz and eluded capital punishment by professing he was a werewolf.

1865 – “The Book of Were-Wolves” is written by the Reverend Sabine Baring-Gould. Still considered one of the leading books on werewolf history.

1920 – Right-wing terror group “Operation Werewolf” established in Germany.

1933 – British Occult writer and clergyman Montague Summers publishes “The Werewolf.” He is still known today for his ridiculous writings on witches, vampires, and werewolves.

1941 – The film “The Wolf Man” starring Lon Chaney Jr. is released.

1948 – Robert Eisler delivers his lecture “Man into Wolf: An Anthropological Interpretation of Sadism, Masochism, and Lycanthropy” to the Psychiatric Section of the Royal Society of Medicine in London, England.

1981 – The film “An American Werewolf in London” is released and includes first four-footed werewolf.

1989 – The first sighting of the beast of Bray Road.


  1. I just discovered that I was a werewolf around last year, when I hit puberty(14 years old).
    I am now 15, and looking for a pack to join. Any packs need a subordinate?

      1. ive always wanted to be a werewolf and well i just need some one to bite me maybe we could get in touch my discord username is Dipsy#1197 pls respond i just really want to be bitten

      2. Hello here, I just want to ask permission from the Alpha pack leader if can I join, its been a long time that I search where I can I find the pack leader because I just have a lot of question to ask regarding about wolf thing, but I don’t know where to whom I’m going to ask, is there anyone can I talk with? please, please..

  2. My Husband got scratched by a Very Old Werewolf while we were Out of Town. We went to a “Seer” of sorts told him very little and He said My Husband probably infringed on his territory. A barstool in “his” bar in “his” town… We later found out The Man was One You DO NOT MESS WITH. So what now? My Hubby is a Powferful Energy himself. However it seems, from what I’ve read, this could bring out His Truest Nature? So what can We expect with this Giant Full Moon Coming Up in just Days?

  3. Started February 2020 awakening really kicked in on my birthday 7-1-73 during the 5 planet solar eclipse. Resisting full transformation other than eye changing color. Wife and kids became concerned and somewhat in fear of me. Eye doctor confirmed mutated rods in one eye and believes when I say I have been seeing ultraviolet rays. Nighttime is ever becoming a new world to me, learned how to walk in the shadow dust. Was born into Ghost Moon Wolf tribe tracked my bloodline back to Vedic religion. Probably wasting time with this but I am optimistic on the outcome. Unsure exactly what my purpose is or was, world had become very strange. Since I have walked along side the shadows of ghost I have a great understanding of most supernatural beings among us. Doing all I can do not to be seen in fear of something following me back.
    Powers obtained so far follow as..
    Slipping through the shadows into other dimensions, Ultraviolet perception which reveals a lot behind the scenes. Emotional reading which clarifies judgement. Strong smells of rot, burning chemical ( ether maybe ) and the smell of softness. Matching vibrations and frequency through body and optic. Frequency through optic changes into images and frequency numbers and symbols are exposed. Much more to say but hopefully I struck a cord with someone out there who can identify with me. Lyell was a name given to me by another species unsure at this time what that means.

    1. Not sure what shadow dust is but I seen a shadow figure on two legs that looked like a wolf move across the road in front of me. It moved and looked like a shadow. This was 3 days ago. I’ve told a couple friends and one got teary eyed and says he had seen the same thing. Except it was over 10 years ago 3-4 miles down the same road. Mad river rd. Highland county Ohio.

  4. im a werewolf i was biten form a black wolf and i cant take it but i im going crazy the last full moon was i turnd is feb,25 2021 its crazy

  5. All the people reading this thread, stop and think for one moment. As much as many here might wish it was possible to turn into a wolf, it is not, this is the sad truth. Think; It is litterly impossible, the laws of conservation of mass and energy wouldn’t allow a transformation. Your bones would have to break and twist, this is impossible, but hypothetically there are 2 ways to go about this. First your muscles, now tell me what muscle in your body would break the necessary bones? There aren’t any. Ignoring the fact that most, if not all of our muscles aren’t strong enough to break bones in the positions that they are attached to the bone, your body litterly doent have enough muscles in the right place to break the necessary bones, take the jaw for example. Now onto the next option, It would be caused by rapid cellular growth. This is also impossible, your body cannot physically and chemically contain enough energy to grow that much that quick. Even if it was possible, the thermal byproduct of these reactions would give you a fever and kill you first. If anyone thinks they have proof otherwise feel free to respond and enlighten me.

  6. I be a werewolf always has since I was younger I’m 23 now and still can’t get it off my mind that’s all I ever wanted

  7. I always wanted to be a werewolf always has since I was younger I’m 23 now and still can’t get it off my mind that’s all I ever wanted

    1. Hello my name is Preston I really wish to become a werewolf because my life is nothing right now but I would like to face my fears and fight them.

  8. I’m interested in becoming a werewolf as well if at all possible. But I’d like to know a bit more first. Some of my motivations include wanting to belong, I don’t have any family or friends and am lost with what to do in my life. I’m a 24 year old female.

    1. I think I found it’s last meal. Two young deer and a doe. So much blood and pieces scattered all around me. It’s probably 100 ft down this creek and bean field. It’s the same place I seen the shadow 3 days ago. I’m going to investigate more in the morning. Hoping I make it back. Moons bright and it’s foggy as hell out. Lots of coyotes around here but I’ve never seen this.

  9. what does it mean when you have vision of running wolves , this has been happening to me since I mediated and went to a different plain . since than I feel like I am living in a fog.

    1. I feel like this is the best thing to happen to me being a werewolf you get to do things like running at night and your hair will rise again all over your body and my eyes will change my life forever for me

  10. When I was born everything was fine. when my fangs replaced my baby teeth I knew that I was different the kids at school would tease me about my sharp teeth they called me vampire but I knew better. When I hit puberty the transfurmation started. I began craving meat and got in trouble for biting people. Luckily my dad gave me the spirit path to know how to control the power. He was a alpha werewolf to. My powers include smelling animals and seeing at night. do NOT ask me to turn you because the curse is storng i only use my poweres when forced or when the moon is full or when it is fun also I might bite to hard it’s happened before.

  11. Hello. I believe in and like werewolves. I want to be one.
    For any of you who wish to tell me “Oh, it’s not possible” or “They aren’t real. stop being so stupid”, I really don’t want to hear it.

    For any of you werewolves out there, good luck convincing the non-believers. I hope you are well.

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