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Werewolf Sightings

This article from Animalmozo is redundantly titled “21 of the Scariest Werewolf Sightings Ever Seen!” I confess I laughed out loud when I read it. More like a chuckle, to be factual. And more because it reminded me of the Spinal Tap song “Tonight I’m Gonna Rock You Tonight” than anything else. Anyway, what are these scariest sightings ever seen? There was supposed to have been a werewolf trial in France in 850 BC, according to the article, and while some Neolithic witchdoctor might have decided that someone in the village was a werewolf and took appropriate action to address the problem, I’m pretty sure they weren’t conducting trials as we think of them back then, certainly not in Europe and certainly, if they had, they wouldn’t have left any written record of it, since they weren’t writing ANYthing down back then, since they didn’t HAVE writing.

Oh, so it’s gonna be one of THOSE kinds of articles. Okay.

Even the few legitimate werewolf “sightings” that the article covers are factually threadbare and lacking in cohesion. The name Gilles Garnier, for example, is misspelled. This one is pure clickbait, peeps, loaded down with adware and lacking in anything resembling actual information. Skip it.

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The Evil Cheezman • October 28, 2016

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