Werewolf Shopping on Etsy!

Normally, I avoid werewolf products, and art, –because for some reason, no one seems to really have what I want. But the great thing about occult shopping on Etsy is that this stuff is made, for the most part, by people who feel exactly the same way. Cartoony-cutesy werewolves are just not what I want in my house and on my skin. If I’m going to have a wolf fashion day, then I’m going to rock that look, –not disco it, with some 70s retrospective crap. And let’s face it; quite a bit of the werewolf decor/fashion fare is tres old school. Which is why I’ve been digitally digging through Etsy for the last hour looking for hot werewolf stuff for the home, hearth, and discriminating individual who has thus dodged being the next occult fashion victim. Check this stuff out:

Loup Garou Gothic Werewolf Fairy Tale Paintings – I love great wall art, and there should be more of it. Any of the prints purchased from Jasmine Becket-Griffith would look spectacular in your creepy domicile; she uses wolves in many of her disturbing fairy-tale Goth pieces. The one linked to above is probably my favorite.

Bronze Carved Tribal Werewolf Skull Pendant – Werewolf jewelry has an alarming tendency to be ridiculous, sappy, or worse, all of the above -and- somehow linked to Twilight. So while I do get the feeling that there’s a Twilight reference somewhere in this piece, it’s still a beautiful necklace, with or without the Twilight association.

Werewolf Woodcut for the Wall – I usually prefer color, but this is very medieval and sexy; the werewolf is grinning, and looking practically obscene at his audience. This is definitely among the pieces I’d buy for my own home, if for no other reason than it would make my family and relative guests nervous.

Monster Dress – This isn’t as much specifically about werewolves as it is inspired by a variety of retro horror films and comics. The girl who made this one has real talent; it’s beautiful, despite the minimal appearance of the werewolf film cover. Plus, you could wear it as homage to all the great film freaks… and it will match practically any pair of shoes! And you can buy a sweet corset that’s sexy and slimming to match!

Vintage Wolf Brooch – I love vintage silver jewelry; I hate to go in for a bunch of jewelry though, because it seems like such a cheap move. Some jewelry, like this brooch, is classy, elegant, and of course, super sexy… while a lot of the Goth-ier jewelry is a little too inspired by Twilight. It’s possible to overdo the whole romantic werewolf look.

Deerskin Bag with Celtic Wolf Fastener – This is also a sexy, subtle addition to any wolf-y outfit… And you can call it a “pouch” guys, if you want one too. Going for the wild, forest creature look? You can tell people you just woke up one morning near a deer carcass, with sticks in your hair, and decided to make this snazzy purse.

Werewolf Queen Perfume – Personally, it never occurred to me that I ought to -want- to smell like a werewolf… the idea just sort of makes me think “hmm… wet dog?” But maybe we’re missing something important. It’s possible that a werewolf queen could smell good. Maybe this is more figurative than literal. If any of you guys try it, let me know… I’m dying to find out if this ‘Eau de Doggy’ scent is like, for serious.


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  2. are there any stores around Washington preferably in Seattle or auburn or Tacoma or anywhere near there that sell those kinds of necklaces or any occult necklaces that deal with werewolves? just wondering because im thinking about buying a necklace or something.

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  4. I thought the gunmetal wolfskull pennant and wolf claw key chains were pretty badass. and i probally wouldnt mind getting the “Love you to the moon” wolf locket for my girlfriend.

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