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Werewolf Revolution: Coming Soon to Mystic Falls!

Jules is a real werewolf, and by real werewolf, I mean, a real bitch. Apparently, unlike many of today’s werewolves, Jules has no compunctions about killing off say, half a dozen campers, and one cop. And not just in werewolf form, –the cop was killed while she was in her human skin. By the way, if you don’t watch the Vampire Diaries, you’re probably lost, but for the rest of you, who are at least in the same ballpark, if not quite in the same game, Jules is a werewolf that came to Mystic Falls after Mason Lockwood disappeared, –largely because Damon killed him, –looking for her lost friend.

She showed up, got into it with Damon, and ended up biting Rose, who later, became extremely ill, and subsequently was put out of her misery by Damon. Jules is definitely a bitch, and part of me is excited to see a real werewolf villain, but the other half is really emotionally involved here, and pissed off, because I don’t want this evil bitch being a bad influence on Tyler Lockwood who’s trying to deal with his werewolf state, high school, his dead father, grieving mother, and a new possible romance with his best friend’s ex-/limbo girlfriend. Not to mention the fact that he’s just found out that vampires, werewolves, and a bunch of other paranormal shit, no doubt, really does exist.

Then Jules comes around, and tells him that Caroline, –the only person that knows he’s a werewolf, who isn’t even a person but a vampire, –and all her little vampire friends are the ones who killed his Uncle Mason. On top of that, she also clues him in there, that there’s more than one vampire in Mystic Falls, –Caroline told him she was the only one, just to be on the safe side, but oh well. Now he knows. And the dropkick in the balls for the whole episode, –Jules tells Tyler that there are more werewolves, and they’re on their way to Mystic Falls. There’s going to be a huge fight, and it’s going to be dangerous for all our favorite werewolf and vampire characters. It’s exciting, because there’ll finally be some werewolf on vampire action!

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annimi • January 29, 2011

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