Werewolf Music Video Goes from Clip to Short Film

There’s a lot of lingo in this post on DreadCentral about a werewolf clip, that was originally produced and recorded in order to promote a HorrorFest film festival in South Africa. I was really confused reading this the first few times, but I managed to put it in normal-people speak for you guys. It goes like this: this guy, Paul Blom, who organizes the horror film festival produced a short little clip to promo the festival, called ‘Virus’, and it was werewolf themed. The short video was directed by Blom and and starred Sonja Ruppersberg. In the video a woman (Ruppersberg) finds an unmarked envelope on her doorstep, and opens it, to find an old Betamax tape. She plays the tape, and it’s a long clip of a full moon. Which I guess is the catalyst for a nasty transformation scene.

Paul Blom and Sonja Ruppersberg are also in a band called Terminatryx, and they were so in love with the Virus video they created for HorrorFest, they decided to expand on the original project, and from there, created a music video for their band, female-lead Terminatryx’s song “Virus.” From then on, it gets slightly more confusing. DreadCentral explains the new short film’s origins:

“Virus” was born in October 2009 as a werewolf transformation promo clip produced by Blom and Sonja Ruppersberg for their HorrorFest film festival (est. 2005). It was directed by Paul and starred Sonja.

A woman finds an unmarked envelope on her doorstep containing an old Betamax tape. She digs an old player from her cupboard and views it. A full moon appears on screen – and things get hairy(!)

With a very tight shoot of a single night for the original promo clip, some of the prosthetics by Clinton Smith from Cosmesis could not be utilized. So, in mid-2010 they loaded up and headed down the Cape Town east coast to Betty’s Bay to expand upon this exciting clip. It was transformed into the impacting “Virus” music video for Paul and Sonja’s band TERMINATRYX.

Look for “Marked” to debut on the Flamedrop Productions YouTube page soon.

Basically, what started as a clip, went to music video, and from there, became a short film, –that even won awards! Woo! This is actually a testament to the abilities of first-time and indie filmmakers. If you’ve got a jones to make a werewolf movie, don’t let cost concern you. There are a ton of funding options, especially with the thirst for werewolf movies and supernatural horror and romance out there right now. Many people will donate, and even intern on your film, so seriously, don’t let inexperience keep you from making the next big werewolf movie. In the meantime, check out ‘Marked’.

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