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“Werewolf” Murderer’s Wife and Kids Standing By Their Man

The ‘Werewolf’ serial killer used axes, knives and screwdrivers to murder women in a bid to ‘cleanse’ his town of prostitutes

Werewolves are real. All too real. They may not have fur or fangs, but they exist. As is sometimes explained in the folklore, their hair just grows “on the inside.” You can’t always spot a werewolf by sight.

Another truth: Love is blind. And sometimes stupid, too.

Russian serial killer Mikhail Popkov murdered and mutilated over twenty women and raped their corpses. Dubbed “The Werewolf” by the press, he was linked to the crimes by DNA and other evidence. He has confessed to them. Yet his wife and family refuse to accept that he is guilty. His wife says that she would gladly return to married life with him if he were set free.

Popkov has no fangs or claws. He doesn’t need the full moon to effect his transformation. He is always a beast. A charming one. How else has he managed to convince those closest to him that he is harmless, benign? Can we dismiss them as imbeciles, or deluding themselves? Or does Popkov, like his American counterpart Ted Bundy—another hairless werewolf—possess that almost uncanny ability to charm and deceive? Even the werewolves of legend weren’t able to do that.

So which type do you find more frightening?

source: www.mirror.co.uk


The Evil Cheezman • May 24, 2015

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