Werewolf Murder Trial Update: Crazy or Not?

Andrews, who is schizophrenic, delusional and wasn’t taking his medication when the murder occurred, said the voice of God told him to kill his neighbor.

A couple weeks ago we reported on Mark Andrews, 51, from Atascadero, California, –who believes he’s a werewolf, and regularly transforms, and, that he is basically a vessel for the “spirit of the wolf.” He also believed that his neighbor was a vampire involved in a conspiracy spanning history for over 3,000 years, and that God spoke to him, and told him to kill her.The suspected vampire was 52 year old Colleen Barga-Milbury. 

What’s more disturbing is that the woman was shot and killed in 2013; that means this man very nearly got away with it. Colleen was a former state hospital employee, and stayed home caring for her elderly mother, who passed away before she was killed, and her 15 year old autistic son. Her family said she was funny, responsible, and visited often, –her only other living relative was her son, who moved in with his girlfriend’s family after Colleen was murdered. Andrews is pleading not guilty to the murder by reason of insanity, and is supported by the testimony of forensic psychologist Carolyn Murphy. Police however, tell a different story; they say he was fine just a few months ago. I personally, doubt he’s actually insane, and I hope they send him to prison, for life, with no remote possibility of parole.

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It isn’t hard to believe he is schizophrenic. I know someone who is schizophrenic, and along time ago when they weren’t taking meds (before they were diagnosed) they were delusional, could hear the voice of God and believed pictures were the Devil, etc. It was pretty bad.

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