Werewolf Movies to Watch Out For

With movies like The Wolfman and New Moon behind us, we’re all wondering when the next kick ass werewolf movie will be coming out. If you’re wondering what we have to look forward to, you’ll be happy to know – A LOT! There are tons of werewolf movies that are about to be released with Underworld 4 and Jack and Diane being just a couple of the names that we’re looking forward to. Here are 5 more that you may or may not have heard of yet. But once you do, you’ll definitely be marking your calendars to make sure you don’t miss a single furry second!

The CoffinThis movie is about a young man and woman that lie in a coffin all night to get rid of all the bad luck they’ve been having lately. Turns out the trick works, at least for a little while. Then the couple is thrown into a world of horror that might even be worse than what they experienced before having a slumber party in a casket. [The Coffin Movie]

Dog Soldiers: Fresh Meat – This is the sequel to the first movie and it starts exactly where Dog Soldiers ended – with Cooper being picked up by American soldiers. [Bloody Disgusting Horror]

First HowlThis movie touches on werewolves in pop culture and also tips its hat to classic werewolf movies. For fans who love going aways back, this is a movie coming out in 2011 that you shouldn’t miss! [Wikipedia]

Freeborn – This is definitely a movie that I want to see! No word yet on its release date but it’s from the point of view of a werewolf who has to decide on whether or not to tell his girlfriend whether or not he’s a werewolf. The choice is not easy, and it may get her killed. Be sure to check out this trailer!  [YouTube]

Neowolf – This movie may appeal to a younger crowd as a rock band Neowolf travels to a small town. Not so mysterious on its own, until people start disappearing and it all seems to coincide with the appearance of the full moon. The good news on this one is that you don’t have to wait for it to be in theaters to see it. It’s coming out next month on DVD [Neowolf the Movie]

– Kate


  1. I’m really looking forward to the ‘Dog Soldiers’ followup. I was very interested in ‘Jack and Diane’ when Ellen Page was on board but when (and if) they make it I will still be interested. I don’t really think Ellen Page is a ‘sellout’ for pulling out of this project. It’s been in development (hell?) for how long? Is she supposed to wait forever? Don’t be hatin’! LOL!

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  3. Regarding the Freeborn movie, have the even started shooting yet? This movie I believe was the one that the makers looked to fans for input and sounded like a great idea but then it just seemed to coast along with nothing really happening so I figured it “died”.

    1. Hey Paul,
      The most I can find is that “Freeborn” will be released sometime in 2011. I can’t seem to find an exact date but people are definitely still talking about it and the word is that it will be out sometime next year. So I don’t think it’s died. At least, I hope not. I really want to see that one!!

      1. Hey Kate,

        A movie i would watch out for is “Blood and Chocolate” it is an awesome movie where a young girls family is killed and she is trying to have a relationship with a human and her “family” does not approve

        1. Hey thanks, Jordan! I’m always on the lookout for new were movies that I haven’t seen or heard of before. Is it coming out soon? Or better yet, on DVD already?

    2. Indeed, the film seemed to have died. In fact it was on hiatus while I worked on Red Victoria, and tried a few more times for studio backing. However, NOW that we’re as of Feb 1st 2012 going with indiegogo. The response has been incredibly positive. The brand spankin new youtube site for the film has lots of videos, and more on the way, explaining the film, the process, what the film REALLY is.. and more details.. Thus far I’ve had to send out dozens of emails to folks to ‘wait’ as they cant get behind the public funding until after Feb 1. So, it’s definitely a positive.


    1. Oh crap, doing a little more digging, I see that you are right. Damn! Sorry, and thanks for keeping us posted!

  4. I’m surprised Wolf Moon which came out June 22nd 2010 this year wasn’t listed as part of the up coming flicks.

  5. LOL your crazy Joseph! Now Dogsoldiers was a pretty cool movie and the werewolves were half way cool looking. They in know way compare to the look of the Lycans on Underworld. Why would you want them in Underworld for? William in Underworld Evolution is the most awesome looking werewolf I have ever seen done. He is exactly how I picture a werewolf should look.

  6. The hell with vampires,werewolfs rock dog soldiers was the last good werewolf flick.Wolfman was good but could of gave me more,like how did anthony hopkins character become a werewolf.What was good that Rick baker did the effects and custom for the movie.I really hope they make one more were wolf movie with a changing seen like Howling or an American were wolf in london.All this computerized crap is horrible,we need to show this generation what fear really is a really good Were Wolf movie.

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