Werewolf Movies: Presto Chango! You’re a Werewolf!

When selecting the best transformation scenes in werewolf movies, one has to keep in mind, –what’s considered the ‘best werewolf transformation scene’ is relative to the viewer. Nonetheless, io9 put together a pretty sweet video of all the best werewolf transformation scenes in cinema. The idea is to guess all the movies from the video, –to the tune of Werewolves of London, by Warren Zevon. There are a ton of werewolf movies out there, and some scenes were definitely skipped in the making of the video, so I was thinking of making my own, –to a more contemporary soundtrack.

The video might be hard ..for anyone who isn’t a huge werewolf fan! This is the list I came up with after watching the io9 video, –if any of my answers are wrong, let me know!

1. Big Bad Wolf

2. Howling III: The Marsupials

3. Underworld III: Rise of the Lycans

4. Twilight: New Moon

5. Ginger Snaps

6. The Wolfman (1941)

7. Wolf

8. Howling IV: The Original Nightmare

9. American Werewolf in London

10. Thriller

11. The Howling

12. Werewolf of London

13. American Werewolf in Paris

14. The Mark of the Wolfman

15. Howling III: The Marsupials (appears twice in the video)

16. Teen Wolf

Wow, so I guess someone on io9 is a huge fan of what, in my opinion is probably the stupidest sequel in the entire ‘The Howling’ franchise. Were-kangaroos popping up all over Australia, omg, –nooooooo! Sorry, but yeah, kinda dumb. And I agree with plenty of the readers, there weer a lot of missing scenes in there, –especially the really horrifyingly gross one from The Company of Wolves. Or the sexy werewolf girls from Trick R Treat?


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