Werewolf Month at Monster Librarian

I was just about to skip over this, when ‘Werewolf Month’ caught my eye. Who knew, we have our own month! Weird too, consider that this is actually a month of a few of the shortest nights in the year. Well, that’s okay, we’re still flattered.  Monster Librarian offers reviews for some of the newest werewolf books of the last year, and plus, interviews with new authors, –and that not it, –they also have short stories available, about werewolves of course, by up-and-coming new authors. They’re also hosting a lot of gorgeous werewolf art by Jerrod Brown.

“This year on top of featuring new reviews of werewolf fiction we are hosting new werewolf short stories and interviews. We start off with Colleen Wanglund reviewing “Animal Behavior and other Tales of Lycanthropy” by Keith Gouviea. Michele Lee interviews  Silver Kiss author Naomi Clark. We are pleased to be hosting two tales of lycanthropy: Mind, Body, and Soul by Keith Gouviea and Men in the Moon by Michele Lee. Stay tuned for more updates as part of Werewolf Month.

Also if you are interested in other horror book reviews we are also running our Hazy Days of Horror book review project.  This summer we are partnering with HorrorWorld, Hellnotes, and Horror Fiction Review to bring you reviews of horror titles available for your summer reading.”

Awesome, because I’m desperate for some new horror titles featuring werewolves. I think the last great werewolf book I read was Blood and Chocolate. The movie was horrible, but the book was incredibly touching and emotional. Well, actually, I also read The Talisman, which has a werewolf, and it was a scary one too. It’s hard to make a werewolf scary, but Stephen King has those skills. So if you get a chance, check out the reviews at Monster Librarian, –I’ll be looking for some werewolf horror myself!

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