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Werewolf Kittens Made The List!

I’m talking about the annual Atlas Obscura Greatest Discoveries of the Past Year list. This time around there are 58 of them in total. While I get a couple of compendium emails a week from the folks at Atlas Obscura, and I have not too infrequently reported on something, or, I guess, to be accurate, RE-reported on something that they’ve reported on, here on this site, I can’t remember all or even most of the things that made the lineup this go-round. Like, how could the giant, still edible 2000-year-old pat of butter discovered in an Irish bog have slipped my mind? (Anybody wanna put that “still edible” part to the test? Got any toast?) Or the French Medieval heart-shaped reliquaries containing actual embalmed human hearts? I HAD to have missed that email. I do remember, however, and vividly, the Werewolf Kittens. How about you?

They’re called Lykois, and they are the rarest breed of cat in the world. (Unless you count the Screamin’ Black Panther of British and American legend, which are so rare they aren’t supposed to even EXIST!) Lykois are believed to have spontaneously developed the mutation that grants them their werewolf-like appearance; in other words, they were not bred for that purpose. (They probably are now, though, since demand for the lupine kitties is on the rise.) Were they the weirdest or the most important discovery made by AO this past year? Probably not. The cutest and cuddliest? Undoubtedly.

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The Evil Cheezman • January 1, 2017

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