Werewolf Hunter in Real Life

If you haven’t heard in the past few weeks, a 35 year-old man was taken in for an evaluation in Bainbridge Island, WA. What’s so special about that, you ask? Well, for starters, he openly admitted to being a werewolf hunter! You read that correctly … the man is a loon … or is he?

I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, to be honest. There’s news and even proof of werewolf sightings and initiations all over the world; why couldn’t there be lycanthropic life here in the states?

If I were to come across this man with serious accusations, here’s a list of things I would like to do with him:

1) For starters, I would ask him where and when he last saw a werewolf.

2) I would like to know the best possible way to capture a werewolf without harming it for educational purposes.

3) He would have to teach me how to make homemade throwing knives and silver bullets … after all, I do have a domestic side. And who doesn’t like to say they can get crafty every now and then?

4) I’d make him pay for an all-inclusive trip to some freaky-ass werewolf country; we’d hunt werewolves all day and night, and then document the trip in order to write a book about our finds once we have returned home safe and sound.

Once again, I believe this man … I’m sure there has to be some truth to what he’s saying, right? After the authorities let him out of his straight jacket, send him to Bryce … I’d like to pick his brain!

Have you ever seen a werewolf or hunter? Share your experience below…

– Bryce


      1. Somethings been preparing me all my life for something big. Don’t know what part I’ll play. But I do know that there are bad ones…and there are good ones.

  1. I think the most patronizing thing to say is “I believe HE believes it.” Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.

        1. hey i don’t like them more than anyone . the werewolfhunters should just let us live our wolfie lifes and if anyone needs to not feel alone . Come on and join my wolf pack . we are called wolves of the night on facebook. i am the alpha in my wolf pack and we are trying to help every werewolf out that we can . so come on and join us !

  2. First of all, what have we ever done to you? Just because we occaisionaly get a werewolf that likes to kill humans, doesn’t mean we r evil. And secoond, why would you need a silver bullet? Unless we r allergic it’s not going to do anything. I’ll make you a deal, when you kill all the humans who kill people, we’ll kill all the werewolves that kill people. We are people too.

  3. i sleep in the woods alone and have done for weeks on end, im a survival enthusiast and ive seen just about everything. Ive never seen anything like what your referring to though and im always alone

  4. oh my god yall are idiots. i’ve seen an actual Hunter b4 and let me tell you this: they’re Buffy the Vampire Slayer wannabes.

  5. i went to high school with a guy who was in a group of “hunters” also claiming himself to be a vampire.The only goal in his life was to help the u.s. including joining the army ….. yea thats what i said but in noting his behavior he had special lenses made to block out the sun, that cost over 2 grand i know i went and walked with him to get a pair. red lenses but of course.didnt help that he thought me danger being raises a druid. or aka a witch as he called me.he also claimed to help kill vamps and wolves but “let me live” because i was useful…

  6. all of you are stupid. you have no idea what you are messing around with. If I where you i would just go and let things be. and one more thing that guy was not crazy.

  7. i see that some individuals can be quite mute to what is being said here. i personally think that most of you don’t have a clue about what you are talking about. i understand you all think that this a joke for you to make fun of a race that is different from your familiar. well some of us don’t particularly think it is amusing. we don’t want to be made fun of. if you think this is a joke. you might want to get a hold of some one that does know what he is talking about. so mean what you say and say what you mean. we only want those that are true to their word. thank you, Lucian…

  8. For those who say “i’ve killed a human” either you have or your lieing because you want to act like a ‘bad’ werewolf. Murder lands you in jail, ‘werewolf’ or not. Unless you have clinical lycanthropy, you have no mental excuse for killing people.
    Murder is murder, so I wouldn’t brag.

  9. why claim to be a werewolf? clearly they do not exist. the stories and anecdotes of killing people that some of you people on here make up are weird as fuck. Is your life so miserable and boring that you have to create an alter-ego where you are a mythical creature who doesn’t get bullied at school, but can in fact kill the bullies. come chill in the real world some time. Safeee

    1. if u don’t believe in werewolves y r u here, clearly this a site for werewolf belivers. go f**ken die in a hole idiot

  10. What place in the United States, besides Wisconsin, has had recent werewolf sighting ? – just out of curiosity. I do believe in werewolves, and if they do exist, I would choose to leave them alone and live their lives, as we have done with ours.

    1. u r so messed up. leave us lycans alone or u will pay. we want peaceful lives, so leave us alone

  11. …I hate the name of ‘werewolf hunter’ what have /we/ done to you…? I want all the hunters to quit their job. Once and for all. Me, Shukaku, and my friend, agreed. I’ll give you all hunters, atleast a week. I’ve sent a message out to every hunter out there. If im nice. I’ll give you a little more time than One Week…If they’re not all gone…im going to have to kill all of them..This is just the first, and last, Warning.

  12. well….its been more than one week… ill be going around to make sure none of the hunters are left…. .. .

  13. Hello my name is Angelyka, I’m from Estonia.Im a religious girl, I believe in GOD….But I believe in paranormal things too(werewolves, vampires and ghosts etc.) I think that werewolves are real…And I think that werewolves turn into shape of wolves, they are very similar to wolves, I think they have white spot or shape on their necks to be different from wolves…:D That is my point of view…..:D So What you guys think about that?

    1. werewolves do not have a white spot on their neck.
      do you have a facebook?
      type in
      “pack and family of werewolves”
      and you’ll se REAL PROOF OF WEREWOLVES

    2. So am I, I am religious but still belive in paranormal things I belive it all and I want to be a werewolf so bad and u hunters should feel ashamed hurting them.

      1. no not exactly you gotta look at it from my point of view they take human lives say one killed your family then what would you think santinists its what most werewolves are they cause pain and suffering

  14. I love werewolves!!! I wanna be one, but I dont wanna kill people, unless I have do…When they will attack me or my family I will attack you back. I want to be one, but only eat animals! :D wow.you werewolves are awesome :D:D Keep up the good work! :d

  15. Wow, reading your posts….I can’t help but laugh and shake my head. Arguing over fiction as if it is reality…damn that is funny.

  16. Hi ShukakuHeadWerewolf, i typed in “pack and family of werewolves” into facebook just like u said & nothing has come up in search! do you have the link? i would love to see proof! thanks! :)

    1. mhmmm im sorry for the late reply. but the pack got kicked off of facebook.
      he joined again :U
      try it again!

    1. are you sure you wanna be one it will ruin your life every day hating yourself all the things you love you wont love again its a big decision you got family to choose that over your family is a selfish thing to do think it over

  17. i believe on u, & i also wanna do thet because i bliv on good & bed things & i choose good one. u never knw what i’m crzy about thet

  18. I think i met with a werewolf in the past.I don’t proof about it but i felt somebody’s presence around me in the darkness.I didn’t saw anything but i felt, this unknown somebody look me and after 5-10 sec i felt he/she run away from me and he/she’s gone after 1 sec…I felt he run around me in a half circle and jump away, it happend in a flash.If somebody know please tell me why werewolves watching me in the darkness and what does he/she want from me?

  19. Yes, unfirtunately under horrible circumstances. See, I’m an open-minded person but allow me to tell you there is a God. And if you’re a so-called “werewolf hunter,” you’re dabbling in darkness. I am a believer in God but just for benefit of doubt, ask this hunter to introduce you to the one he’s hunting. If you leave alive werewolves aren’t real. If you die well then we should all, what give up faith, lock ourselves in a xhurch or something? People are illiterate and naiive and just plain out dumb. I know judgement isn’t for me to state due to my beliefs relugiously but I know I’ll be okay enough to say this much. For the sake of safety in every aspect, some things should be and are better off being left alone than found so please take that into consideration. My persobal belief has been shared and my theory is there’s no such thing as werewolves.

    1. ya i agree i’m an alpha of my pack and i know a werewolf hunter butt he does not know i’m a werewolf.
      and i heard him say if i come a cross a werewolf queen or king i will slay them then iwas like dued really kings and queens what are you 4

    2. and i will try my hardest to kill and stay away from those dumb were wolf hunters
      and my pack is strong im there alpha and i made them stong and powerful so watch out were wolf hunters we will hunt you

      1. if those werewolf huntersdont stay away, theres gonna be trouble and I MEAN IT so when i get a pack or join a pack, i will try hard to protect my pack and dont mess with me

  20. I first of all bitch werewolves have alphas not queens or kings so you so called werewolf hunting noobs stay back cuz I’m a werewolf and honestly you don’t wanna mess with my pack

    1. i agree with you i mean i know a werewolf hunter he does not know im an alpha and he said if i find a werewolf king or queen ill slay them and im like come on are you 4 dued

    1. pretty soon i will become a real alpha. i live up too it. when i become a alpha, any1 wanna be in my pack? i would really appreciate it. or i could join some1s pack. just let me know

  21. I’m not bad I’m good I mean there not bad they only kill to protect there selves and they eat and drain people of there blood because they need it to survive and killing people for fun is just a vicious sterio type

  22. how can i be a werewolf? i want to be a werewolf. if not i can be a hunter, but i want to be apart of your pact.

  23. It’s so convenient that everyone one here calls themselves the “Alpha of their pack”. If there are that many god damn packs you think people would know about this and have proof. You guys are pathetic. The only thing that compares any of you to werewolves is that NONE OF YOU KNOW HOW TO TYPE. Illiterate nerd fucks.

    1. say would you hunt me knowing i hunt them to or risk it all shooting at me? Im willing to help hunt I know how they how they attack i can smell them at great distances its a sport for me its like may the wolf win I have been looking for a challange

  24. Dude why you want to hunt us wolves? All we want to do is live our lives peacefully ,like humans, and don’t want to have to look over our shoulders all the time. Oh yeah and don’t come after us especially if they have a pack we are a lot stronger in packs. And I’m a beta in my pack of 6 by the way

  25. what are you kids smoking?…..send me REAL proof of werewolves and these so called hunters… i like werewolves like the next person, but this is taking it to another level. maybe go play some role playing games kids…its safer..

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