Werewolf Hunter in Real Life

If you haven’t heard in the past few weeks, a 35 year-old man was taken in for an evaluation in Bainbridge Island, WA. What’s so special about that, you ask? Well, for starters, he openly admitted to being a werewolf hunter! You read that correctly … the man is a loon … or is he?

I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, to be honest. There’s news and even proof of werewolf sightings and initiations all over the world; why couldn’t there be lycanthropic life here in the states?

If I were to come across this man with serious accusations, here’s a list of things I would like to do with him:

1) For starters, I would ask him where and when he last saw a werewolf.

2) I would like to know the best possible way to capture a werewolf without harming it for educational purposes.

3) He would have to teach me how to make homemade throwing knives and silver bullets … after all, I do have a domestic side. And who doesn’t like to say they can get crafty every now and then?

4) I’d make him pay for an all-inclusive trip to some freaky-ass werewolf country; we’d hunt werewolves all day and night, and then document the trip in order to write a book about our finds once we have returned home safe and sound.

Once again, I believe this man … I’m sure there has to be some truth to what he’s saying, right? After the authorities let him out of his straight jacket, send him to Bryce … I’d like to pick his brain!

Have you ever seen a werewolf or hunter? Share your experience below…

– Bryce


    1. i have to aree with you why would they put them self on a site. if i was a werewolf i wouldnt want anyone to know whee i am.

  1. help me my beard are out of control and I like to stare at the moon and being angry all the time its effect my old personality even my brother is injured by me

    1. do you kill people do you run rituals satanically you should be hunted practice of taking human life is breaking the code of honor, if its deer, bears your killing nothing to worry about.

    1. no you can’t that’s stuff they put in movies you have to be bitten not just any bite its a process it takes up to 10 minutes just to get enough poison from into your blood stream

      1. Hi. My is David. As known. As wolffy lukkiko i am a pure bred. Werewolf. By genetic descendents from my secret. relatives. I scatch my friend. Johnathan. Know his a. Wolf.too

      2. the whole biting and the moon thing is ALL Hollywood lies you are only one if enchanted or born nothing else (we control when we shift after our 1st shift)

    2. No, No you can’t Either you use ancient magic to enchant yourself the powers or you are born one like us trues

      1. Actually no there is a 9 in 1chance that it would work and spells don’t last long also Silva would do it but lots and lots of it

    3. i never heard that before is that true im interested in finding all about what a werewolfs do.

  2. umm hi what should I do I’m a werewolf and I don’t remember much about the full moon unless I have nightmares, although that is until now I sore my friend’s silver flute today and I remembered a hole pile of stuff like a black clock following me and lately I have had dreams about being locked in cages and being court. I think I have a hunter problem. What should I do?

    1. Think you your having. The same nightmare. Like my friend. But he awakened. From. His nightmare. He turn to black wolf. Form. I believe you need. a wolf pack. I want you to join my pack. will treat. You. Like. family the my pack alpha is tony. We are in Connecticut. I we train you so you will never. fear. The Hunters. ever again. I am the black wolf

      1. I need some help, I feel as though I am connected to wearwolves in someway, I have no idea what it all means though is there anyway you can help me understand?

    1. hmmm vampires you would have better luck killing bud ill help you i got gear for that they are easier to find then you think depends on the type to some i just won’t mess with its not worth dying for

    2. why would you..? I feel like am connected to the wolves somehow and it pains me to know that there are some people hunting and killing us for “educational purposes”… you take innocent lives and you call US the monsters..? wow.

  3. Ha Ha good luck were all over hunting us wont help there over thousands of us in the states some of us join the army to protect this country were in the force and in schools shoot a twelve year old boy because the gene is in his body get a real hobby, Go hunt bloods and crips there the real threat raping killing and robbing old folks. Gangs and crackhead murderers and criminals really need hunted not innocent beings we do are best the most part yeah i agree if you happen to see a werewolf attacking a family get him you will probably need help regular bullets do the trick remove the heart and bury it so it cant be found if some one even took a bite out of it its a permanent transformation so be careful there faster most likely to dodge bullets team of three or some one like myself to help hunt you stay in the truck or take your chances most of em live up in the northern states got there own territory me i chill in town hamburger is good enough for me daily raw meal and big glass of milk most werewolves don’t grow fur and look scary letting you know that right now. My inside change muscle bones and senses get 10 times better i can run up to 20 mile per hour i can change on will and run silent as a fox running through the woods

    1. Real hunters can take down a werewolf, my family goes way back into history. We’ve been trained since we could walk with archery & gymnastics, and other skills. We’ve herd story of our ancestor saying how they kill innocent people. My great x15 grandpa was one of the first hunters that where we get our name and my last name means “hunter of the wolves”

      1. Hay ass hat most packs forbid hunting humans so let me ask you this if you ran into a pack and you had a pup in front of you would you kill it …chose wisely this deferments wether or not I see you as a threat to the innocent

        1. Alexandra I’d like to email you as I’m searching for a particular pack and it is very important I cannot stress the importance of this.

      2. I hope you realize they tend to AVOID humans. Why do you think they generally go to the woods when they know they will shift. Unless its forced in public or around people, they dont stick around when they are about to shift. But no one seems to look at that. I’m speaking from experience when I say this. People use stereotypes. From what I’ve seen, not many actually consider that weres are people too. They are just said to be mindless killers. You can’t lump them all together and make the statement “They kill innocent people” because in reality, that statement is wrong when it come to the majority of them. That’s like saying all white people are racist. Or that all blondes are stupid. Not everyone fits the bill.

        1. Well, Luci, from what i’ve heard, wolves are VERY proud of no being human and the would rather be wolves than humans. That is if they did exist… or do they?

          1. the number of furkin here is hilarious. I mean i’m fine with artistic licence but taking a creature known in myths to hunt humans and turning it into a fluffy puppy that’s so cool and edgy is a step too far

      3. It pains me to know that there are still hunters out there. You take our innocent lives and call US the monsters? I can’t believe you. Besides, we’ll only hunt what we need to and we have never gone after humans. Do some research, you’ll find there is an over population of red deer in scotland.. having werewolves around is a good way to decrease this.

    2. That’s your mistake .Do you know how a werewolf is called when it doesn’t have a pack .Omega .Omegas don’t survive very long on their own

    3. lol you can apparently flip a van but your top speed is 20 miles HA that doesn’t add up man that’s slower then a normal wolf. Nothing to brag about but you typed like 30 goddamn lines.

  4. Real Werewolves hunter been trained to fight since they were able to walk we grown up hear the story of the monsters & how they kill innocent people. My last name actually means “hunter of Wolves” & one of my ancestors were the first people to caught an actually werewolf.

    1. What is your code.and by the way it’s a lot harder to hunt down an alpha that didn’t kill anyone because werewolves that kill slowly lose their power .Me and my pack are trained not to harm people

      1. I kill supernatural creatures you know why, they took advantage of me treated me like dump of waste I’ve spent over 400 dollars on so called vampires or werewolves who would turn me but they ditch me and steal the money I’ve wasted 9 years of my life trying to become one I’m 17 years old i hate supernatural there pathetic I’ve actually killed a poser of a werewolf now only way I’d give up is if i could become one through truth and no money otherwise I’m making up my 9 nine years killing creatures like you, you say your a werewolf right you said your past of a pack now let me ask could I become a werewolf or is it not possible I’m going to be an urban legend called posers mate anyone who goes outside and says there a vampire or werewolf and says I’m a vampire or werewolf 3 times then say posers mate this is me i rise and kill them you could save me or I will live on with my godly life and destroy what is not meant to live

  5. Werewolves aren’t mean except for the few crazy ones, but you have crazy psycho killers amongst humans as well, We aren’t that different (I would say how would you feel if we started capturing you for educational purposes, but not need) Thanks High school Anatomy!!

  6. When a lycanthrope changes into a wolf, it is a normal wolf for all intents and purposes. It can be killed, just like any wolf. However JDMaster is correct, most Werewolves stay clear of humans, unless they are insane!

  7. Just to say hi and a Native American kinda gave me a gift. I use to be very sick and he came to me. He had long white hair white fathers very old. His left-hand had like white fur black nails. He shook a small bag and was chanting or singing. Tears was coming-out I couldn’t move. He’s eyes were red. He pulled a black mass from me. Then he held it up to the moonlight looked at me then released it back in me. He changed me no more being sick no more meds. I wished sometime I had never met him I just don’t feel human in a way. I’m so close to wolves what he done to me was scary.Ive talked to a Native America he told me the medicine man gave you an animal spirit to make you better be thankful he did. No way to get rid of it it dies I die basically.I’m trying to find the place to where he took me it’s in the mountains a river and like a bowl type like a dry pond with five round stones.

  8. Im a werewolf and me and my freind discorerd this at a sleep over and recorded me trancsforming in to one and i havent killd annyone so werewolf hunters back off because we havent don anthing to anyone my name is …………………..

  9. Hello my native name is darkwolf or chatlea in Cherokee when I was born my grandmother would not touch me for I had the mark of the wolf my nightmares are of me in a loin cloth with a flint knife on my man hood celebration and I am sent to hunt a black wolf with red eyes and as I fight this wolf he bleeds green on me and as it burns he bites into my throat and we become one and I always wake up I dint know what it means but my grandmother said it’s the combining of our two souls so wtf am I? If all of you are wolves then tell me something

  10. I like the fact you all believe your real werewolvesor the fact they exists for one I’m in the us military infantry and have deployed all over the world and seen some messed up shut one I stayed in Romania not once did I ever hear about werewolves there nor Europe two I’ve to such clubs in Europe so called werewolves hung nothing Afghanistan and Iraq doesn’t have any mythical creatures all I’m saying is yes I like old folk lord stories as the next guy but you guys are killing me with all this I was born and in my pack stuff oh and I also own a grey wolf as a pet and the shut you guys talk about is stupid real wolves don’t even do half the shit you talk about so why would a werewolf if you want to prove me wrong put a video of you turning or quit watching to many movies put your heads in the books and get off your twilight asses and play some sports and get involved in the comunity this shit on here makes me crack up

  11. Oh and if u still want to argue the fact there real and bullet proof then join the military and stand in front of us when a bomb goes off or in fire fight cuz I’m really tired of having to watch my boys get put in the ground

  12. i got this necklace and some weird things have been going on here are some of them seeing people around my house and visions werewolf coming to my house at night in my room my house has be com haunted some on tell me why its happening and what is this necklace capable of, here is a picture of the necklace and i was born as a werewolf

  13. I am a born rouge, in need of a pack. The pack I was supposed to be born into was killed off before I was born. I was the Alpha’s daughter. My brothers have found packs but since I was the runt I was not able to join.

    1. Isn’t family a big thing in packs though? why did they leave you? Your brothers should’ve helped you out to be honest.

      1. Hey I kinda just wanna know before I go crazy are you guys real or just loons? If you guys are real then how can I track down a werewolf for friendly purposes only. I have a wild imagination so sometimes I think I’m crazy please please help me

  14. Its been years since a hunter has been around guess he gave up on me. I see his kids are growing up tho pretty soon they will be out on there own to which I shall pay them a visit. They talk to me unaware of my kind but its cool that they are not into this.

  15. What the fuck. You guys are really brain washed by what you think you know. You actually believe yourselves. If you actually believe what I say and want information email me. I can’t stand my phone going off about this fucking bull shit. worthysanchez@gmail.com

  16. I need help, I want to become a real werewolf, I know that you have to be bitten and that’s why I’m asking on here, I can’t find anybody anywhere that knows much about this topic, so can someone help me because I know that I’m not meant to be human please text me at this number (406) 564-2894 please help

  17. yep i have seen a werewolf because me and my two mates are werewolf and it no joke we go out then its the full moon and we stay out till the sun comes up then we go home.

  18. It was the scariest thing! I am a bitten werewolf, and holy shit, you have no idea (if you were a born werewolf) how freaking spooky it is to be in the woods camping at night, and then out of know-where this creature comes out of the blue and attacks you! I didn’t tell anyone at the time because come on, who in the world would believe me! It turned out, at the time, there was a pack in the woods behind my house in Washington. I didn’t know at the time, so I had to fend for myself (accidently caused a small stir in the neighborhood… :/), on the first moon. About a month later, maybe 2 to 3 weeks or so, a classmate approaches me and tells me he can help. Low and behold, he was also a werewolf! He belonged to the pack, and was a born werewolf. He said he would help, but they had a new Alpha because apparently, their alpha was getting on in years, and well… that happened… :(. So, he taught me to control my shift, and eventually, I could control my shift on a full moon! It was a relief to learn I could do that! By the time the pack was all comfortable with the new Alpha, his name’s Henry by the way, real laid back guy, my classmate (Charlie), showed me into the pack, and on the night of the full moon, we rang all together, and that was pretty cool. Now I am in college, and we have this secret club for werewolf college students, because we can have some slight problems adjusting to college. It’s similar to a pack, but with the Alpha being appointed by the Werewolf Counsel. Sorry, can’t tell you much about that, they’re pretty secret, and that is all I can really say, without getting into some serious trouble. But yeah, if you were recently bitten, it get’s easier, and also, if you’re a Rogue, there is still hope!

    As for hunters… there are not many left, because werewolves have fallen into folklore, and not many people still believe in us. And as for us being a danger, we really aren’t a serious danger. Those are myths. Just as there are human killers, there are also werewolf killers as well, and if there are hunters they hunt dangerous Rogue werewolves. The Werewolf Counsel made a deal with hunters long ago. They act more like the police for werewolves, if you think about it now…

    Fun fact, my roommate had to leave my dorm room in the first month of freshmen year, because she was a werecat! It was a nasty surprise to find out about why we hated each other’s guts!

    Also, there are were-animals, but as for other supernatural creatures, such as vampires, and succubuses, those are 100% fake and made up. Werewolves, werejaguars, werecats, etc, all real, but if you find someone claiming to be a vampire, they have serious issues, because they just don’t exist. Also, don’t date one of us thinking we are hot… fair warning. We get kind of touchy about all that… (thank you Twilight for that…:/)

    1. I am just telling my story, because I see a lot of people who have the wrong idea about us, and it is insulting. I’ll probably get in serious trouble for telling you guys all these things. If you read this, and then it is all deleted, don’t be surprised… Henry is going to shred me when he finds out I posted this!!!!!

  19. Many just see Werewolves as monsters likely due to media. I find people worse than wolves take the police killing innocent people for example. Bad part they’re supposed to be a symbol of justice like a samurai.
    To me wolves are just dogs apparently there are some domesticated wolves even if mixed it is still a wolf. If werewolves were to attack maybe it’d be due to the fear of being discovered. Maybe they tend to get curious and as a result get close to peoples homes. Like people I can’t see anything attacking for no reason.

  20. If werewolves did exist that would be neat wonder what form they would take. The form from Twilight in which they’re giant wolves, Wolf Blood in which they look like ordinary wolves, or maybe the look from Skyrim’s werewolf. If they were to exist then I’d like to study them and no not like a mad scientist of studying.
    Just how they transform – where does the transformation start maybe for some the process is different, how they act, and can they be friendly or are they like the movies and rather hostile and/or have trust problems. Still I suppose trust problems would be understandable, but if you know friend from foe should be fine.
    I do have a strange dream and happens a lot I find a woman in the woods and appears to be a werewolf. Doesn’t say anything until we end up as friends and we end up as a couple.
    If werewolves were to exist I feel they should be protected that is if they haven’t totally lost their way. Apparently some say vampires exist too from what I’ve found Werewolf Hunters also hunt them. If so my thought would be Seattle, Washington heard it rains mostly therefore always dark.
    No idea why some would like to be a vampire living forever would have to get old especially if a married couple rarely see happily married some/most find that miserable. Not sure if it is any better for them.

  21. I think that one of my friends is a werewolf. pretty suspicious. I had plans to KILL him but I didn’t pursue that because it was too violent for a child like me.Im only 12 and i hate them wolves. im a person that has plans but wont do them.

    1. We keep to ourselves we have blended with u all some dont wont to be noticed. Iam one of those who keep to the woods watching and listening. The town I live in had apparently ran the old ones out. I will try to find more in other countries or states. For NOW Iam alone.

      1. I’m back, and he looks even weirder after our graduation(Around May 28 2017 i guess?). I transferred to a well known school and you can bet that there are dozens of wolves lurking behind those innocent faces. I mean the faces there kinda or really good looking, but I can’t seem to understand why I speculate so much. I tend to stray away from them too. I usually hum tunes no average Filipino would even sing like the opening theme from Bach’s Brandenburg concerto no.2, His Air in D major, Parts from Mozart’s Unfinished Requiem in D minor and many others just to theoretically repel them. And personally I got attached to this type of music years ago. That school has tons and tons of trees, we even have a building on top of a short and slightly steep hill complete with a grotto and a garden! And trust me our eco park of some sort has tons of jackfruit that decay and….well make sheeeeetty odors. I think that’s ideal for wolves here in Cebu. I must stay vigilant. I must make those relaxing moss aquariums……….. (Read this post while listening to Mozart’s Dies Irae or the Lacrimosa from the Sequentia of the Requiem.)

  22. If I met this guy, I’d have him take me to the nearest werewolf, allow myself to be bitten, and then kill him, for his crimes against lycanthrope kind.

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