Werewolf Goodies for Droid Users

Over at Vampires.com I wrote about all of the rad vampire apps available for Android users (I FINALLY got a smart phone) and of course I can’t leave the werewolf fans out, so today we’ll be taking a look at what droids offer the werewolf lovers.

Here’s a look at a few werewolf apps and games available for Android users (click titles to view in the Android Market).

Zedge: As I said over on the vamp site, this is one of my personal favorites. Zedge is a personalization app that has thousands of wallpapers, ringtones and notification sounds, and unlike make other apps like it, this one actually has a search option so you can find what you want right away. This app has some kickass werewolf wallpapers and ringers!  There is quite an assortment of both wallpapers and ringers. For wallpapers you’ve got some fantastic werewolf art and photos of your fave celeb wolves like Jacob and Alcide. As for the ringers, you can have lots of growling and howling ones of course, as well as a bunch of Twilight ones and even a Big Wolf on Campus ringer.
Price: FREE

Werewolf Attack: This is an action game where your goal is to kill the werewolves before they attack you. This one has a lot of mixed reviews, it has a few great scores but then a whole lot of terrible scores as well, so it really depends on your personal preference.
Price: FREE

MoonPhase Widget: Perfect for all the real werewolves out there that need to keep track of the phases of the moon, or just those looking for or trying to avoid werewolves. Now you’ll always know when there’s a full moon! There are LOTS of moon phase apps and widgets on the market, but this one by far has the best ratings.
Price: Free

The Moon Phase App Pro: This was made by the same folks that made the widget above, however, this is the moon phase app and it does a whole lot more than the widget (which just shows you the moon). This “pro” version shows beautiful and sharp moon images, has a daily zodiac sign, shows illumination of the moon, shows moon rise and set times, tells you upcoming moon quarter changes, comes with a widget like the one above in an assortment of sizes and more. Lots of goodies in this app.
Price: $1.03 (there is a free version here but it doesn’t offer as much)

Legal Horror Movies: As the title says, this is an app that allows you to watch horror films legally. This app has loads of great reviews, which is always a good thing in the world of shady apps. The films offered are all old school classics, nothing new, but still good. It’s an assortment of horror movies, but there are a few werewolf ones in there like Werewolf in a Girls Dormitory.
Price: $0.99

Those are just a couple of the apps and games available for werewolf fans. Sadly, there aren’t too many more, at least none that are worth mentioning. There are games and apps for nearly every TV show out there, from Buffy to True Blood, so that’s something. Maybe someone will come out with more werewolf goodies for us, until then this is pretty much all we have.

Who here has a droid, do you have a favorite werewolf app?

– Moonlight

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