Werewolf Film ‘Hunger Unholy’ in the Works

If you’re a fan of low-budget werewolf B movies, then you are in luck, because another one is in the making. Currently filming in my home state of Michigan is Hunger Unholy, an independent werewolf horror flick. Go Michigan! Check out the film details below…

Hunger Unholy posterHunger Unholy description:

“After the funeral of her boyfriend Gabe’s parents, Kelly heads up north to the family cabin with him and a few of their friends as he prepares to sell it. Things quickly begin to spiral out of control, though, when their friends begin to disappear one by one with the rising of the full moon.”

Ok, it’s not the most innovative of plotlines, but hey, it is an upcoming werewolf flick, so we’ve got to give it some love.

Written and directed by Nick Holland, the movies stars a whole bunch of people you don’t know, like Laura Klosterhaus, JT Taylor, Nate Burud, Lillian Lamour, Jordan Kantola and even the director himself.

There is no word on when the movie will be completed or if it will even be released to a large audience, but the official Hunger Unholy Facebook page does say that a trailer is coming soon and that’s something.

What are your thoughts on Hunger Unholy so far? Something you’d be interested in seeing?

– Moonlight

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