Werewolf Cop Movie Pitch Wins $1M from CineCoup

There’s a new werewolf movie howling our way! Wolfcop , a comedy-horror film about a ferocious werewolf police officer, just won a prize of $1 million from CineCoup Film Accelerator to go towards production.

970401_547964648594224_280156474_nThe creators of Wolfcop were among five finalists who made a final pitch at the Banff World Media Festival to a panel of industry experts. The big prize was $1 million in cash, help making the film, and a release at Cineplex theatres in 2014. It’s a damn good prize – and a werewolf film landed it!

Writer-director Lowell Dean described his main character as “Dirty Harry, only hairier.”

“There’s a rabid desire from werewolf fans,” he told the panel. “It is pretty silly, but it is pretty bad ass.”

The story is set in a “Saskatchewan-like” town called Woodhaven. It tells the tale of alcoholic cop Lou Garou, which any werewolf fan can see is a play on “loup garou”— who has the occasional blackout.

When there’s a full moon, he becomes a “rage-fuelled werewolf.”

“A million-dollar budget is amazing, but to me the real reason to enter this was that theatrical [release],” Dean said in an interview. “That’s the dream of any Canadian filmmaker.”

Dean said the idea for Wolfcop started out as a kind of joke:

“Honestly, I was trying to come up with an idea for a script but I couldn’t decide between this monster movie I wanted to do and a cop movie,” he explained.

“Almost as a joke I said maybe I should mash them together and that idea was addictive and grew in my brain and I had to do the script.”

The Wolfcop team, which consists of Dean, producer and marketing strategist Bernie Hernando and producer Hugh Patterson, plan on working on the film as soon as possible.

What do you think? Are you looking forward to one day seeing Wolfcop?

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