Werewolf Comedies to Add to Your Queue

Now, you might be thinking “what’s the deal with all the attention to NetFlix?” Well, usually, this is how it works: Moonlight writes the stuff that’s more philosophical and folklore oriented. I write the stuff that’s focused on werewolf news, and trends, and if there’s an overflow, she’ll pick up the stuff I missed. It’s a good system. Except that right now, the biggest thing in the news regarding werewolves, is Underworld 4. And we’re not covering that. I won’t go into detail on the subject, so let’s just say right now, they’re invisible to us. Moving on! I’m reviewing the retro-werewolf movies on Netflix’s Watch-Instantly section, and I┬ádecided, –hey, there’s plenty of stuff you can add to your queue, especially if you’re one of those people who pick one movie that you’ve been dying to see… and then get stuck.

That’s me. Especially back in the Blockbuster days, when you could cash in a free rental coupon or whatever, and you ended up jumping out of line, trying to find something else, and usually, picking something at random that offered a 50/50 chance of real delivery. Well, it’s like that sometimes with Netflix, if you don’t keep an eye on your queue. You can end up accidentally getting a movie you saw ages ago, –or worse, –two! So, I propose that -after- you add these hilarious werewolf movies to your queue, –you go in and take a look at what’s on there. –And, make sure that you don’t have stuff added that’s available to watch instantly.

My big list of funny werewolves:

Vampires Suck (2010) – Definitely not the funniest, but still, this shit will have you laughing. And the DVD is still relatively new to the big NF lineup. The werewolves in this one… are all -obviously- gay. Though definitely still hot.

Bloodz vs.Wolvez (2006) – If you happen to be thinking, “do they mean.. black gang members … and werewolves… fighting?” then yes, we do mean it. This movie is about black gangbanger types, fighting with werewolves, –except wait, did I forget to tell you that the Bloodz were vampires? This movie isn’t actually a comedy; it’s one of those “so stupid it’s funny” movies.

Nature of the Beast (2007) – Romantic comedy film, sort of kin to ‘So I Married an Axe Murderer’, –except, this girl is engaged to a werewolf, –not the other way around. I hate romantic comedies, but the addition of a werewolf to any comedy is promising, because that means there’ll be super corny jokes about body hair. And I love the goofy comedy.

Mexican Werewolf in Texas (2005) – How were the producers of this film not sued? Who knows. Again, this movie isn’t actually a comedy, but the fact that the terrorized townies in this film actually allow themselves to be divided over race, instead of united by the will to live, –or at least, the desire to kill the werewolf, is laughable.

MST3K: Werewolf (1996) – For clarification, the film was released in 1996, the show was aired in 1998. It doesn’t matter that the movie was probably originally meant to be scary, because now it is funny, and always will be. This is definitely going to the top of my queue, and the best thing about this choice, –is that it’s in the Watch Instantly tab. Yayyyy.




  1. Ah… no love for the original Teenwolf?

    I’ve seen Vampires Suck… which was funny with Jacob turning into a chihuha… how ever you spell it. It had some good moments for laughs.

    The rest, I am ashamed to say I haven’t seen them yet and in a couple cases, hadn’t heard about them.

    1. And now I’ve gone and placed an order for Nature of the Beast… the others I can or should be able to find and rent.

  2. Nice! It’s all about NetFlix Watch Instantly! I been able to watch all the old classic werewolf movies to new corny movies!

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