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werewolfshirtOn a recent trip to the store I saw that they had a few “I Love Vampires” shirts for sale, as a vampire fan myself I was like “score!” but then noticed there wasn’t a single werewolf shirt. Unfortunately, with vamps being so popular you wont find them all over like you’ll find vampire shirts. Lame since I love both. But just because these brick and mortar stores aren’t selling them doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Here is a list of some sweet ass werewolf shirts…

First up is Zazzle.com and their werewolf shirts. They have an excellent selection of werewolf shirts! They have shirts that simply picture a fearsome werewolf on it, some with funny lines like, “forget princess, I wanna be a werewolf.” Another one I really love is the “why can’t vampires and werewolves just get along?” tee that has a cute little image on the front.  The site also carries a lot of Twilight clothing as well, perfect for all the Jacob fans. But for those that aren’t a fan there is much more werewolf clothing than just the Twilight related.

Then there is Cafepress.com which also has a huge selection of werewolf shirts. It has  hilarious one liners to awesome artistic shirts and of course, a whole selection of Twilight shirts. One of my personal favorites from this site is the “I bit the werewolf back” shirt, oh and the “my werewolf can kick your vampire’s ass” shirt rocks. As for their Twilight shirts, I have to say one of my faves is the “Werewolf Instructions” design (the “team threesome” is a good one for those Twilight fans with a filthy mind).

Now, if you are a World of Warcraft fan the Three Worgen Moon shirt was recently released by Jinx.com. With all the buzz the worgen race is getting i’d grab that shirt quick.

We already covered that a few of the sites above carry an assortment of Twilight Saga shirts but if you are looking for super fashionable clothes check out Nordstrom’s special New Moon fashion line here. That site has an excellent selection of top quality clothing, and jewelry as well, perfect for any hardcore Twilight fan.

There’s your list of a few werewolf clothing sites. So now when you see yet another person pass you wearing a vampire shirt you can bust out your werewolf shirt and show your wolf pride in style.

– Moonlight

By moonlight

One of the writers for werewolves.com, as well as vampires.com.

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