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Werewolf Chicks: Not as Hot as You Think

There are a ton of women and feminists out there, who keep complaining, that there aren’t enough hot werewolf chicks. Well, what about the Ginger Snaps Trilogy? And frankly, there are a few reasons, why werewolf-ism, is really kind of male exclusive in terms of ‘hotness’. In the words of a delusional friend of mine, “this is a wolf-man’s world.” Here are a few reasons why werewolf girls, just aren’t as sexy:

1. Saggy werewolf boobs, –there are six of them, and face it, canine boobs have never been attractive to anyone other than the most dedicated bestiality devotee.

2. Females of the canine species are more aggressive than males, –and aren’t bitchy, nagging, cranky women bad enough as it is? Do we really need to give them fangs and claws?

3. Hairy women. Do I need to say more? That might be the thing in New Zealand, but in most popular cultures, we prefer women without beards and back hair.

4. A dog with fleas is one thing. A chick with fleas, is another, entirely different, gross, weird, unhygienic thing.

5. No offense girls, but you already have one monthly curse. It’s just not right to add another bloody, violent time of the month.

And those are just a few of the reasons! Not that we’re trying to be sexist here, –but maybe the whole werewolf thing should be left up to the men. Hairy, flea-bitten, cranky men aren’t exactly oddities. On the other hand, if you want to find hairy, flea-bitten, cranky women who eat live animals and attack tourists, you have to go all the way to Oceania.

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annimi • April 7, 2010

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