Werewolf by Night is (Mis)Cast

It isn’t the least bit surprising that the powers-that-be would choose to go not with the original Werewolf by Night from the comics, Jack Russell. Russell is supposed to be Caucasian, and they’ve put enough Caucasians in their movies and television shows, they figure. They’re going to use the second character from the comics to go by that name, Jake Gomez. And they’ve hired Mexican actor Gael García Bernal (recently seen in M. Night Shyamalan’s OLD) to play the part—or so one would assume. Both Jack Russell and Jake Gomez are young guys. Early 20s. Mr. Bernal is 42. But why would they cast a Latino actor if they weren’t planning to use the Jake Gomez character? Why bother creating a different character? Probably they’re just going to make the character slightly older than his comicbook counterpart. Whatever. We’re getting a werewolf superhero from Marvel. That should be reason enough for us to celebrate.

The as-yet untitled Halloween production is supposed to start filming early next year, so we can probably expect it for Halloween season of 2022 on Disney’s livestreaming service. Considering the character Moon Knight got his start in the Werewolf by Night comic, is this Halloween special going to serve to introduce the character as portrayed by Oscar Isaac in live action?

By The Evil Cheezman

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