Werewolf Books to Watch for this Month

It’s my favorite time again!!! That time when new authors decide it’s time to unleash their masterpieces on the public and bring us all some great new werewolf fiction to sink our teeth into! Here are the new releases in werewolf fiction that we’re all looking out for this month.

The Reckoning by Kelley Armstrong– This book follows Chloe Saunders, a very special girl with very special powers…and one that’s also stuck between loving a grumpy werewolf, or his kind-hearted brother. Look for it April 6!

Touch of Seduction by Rhyannon ByrdWhen you’ve had enough of wolves for a minute, check out Touch of Seduction where the hero is a shapeshifter of a different kind – he’s a tiger! And that’s the sole reason why I wouldn’t mind picking this one up. This one actually came out this week so you can already read about the tiger-shifter and the woman he wants – who’s a witch’s aunt! Already on shelves, it came out on March 30.

Inferno by Bianca D’Arc – This novel brings out enemies that we love to hate on – vampires! But when Megan, a werewolf, is given the task of following one vampire in particular, she’s going to have to be careful. Not only can the vamp smell her a mile off, but she might lose her heart too! This one also comes out April 6.

A Certain Wolfish Charm by Lydia Dare – Lilly Rutledge has a nephew that is behaving inexplicably. Turning to the boy’s uncle and guardian, Simon Westfield, she hopes that he will be able to help the boy. But she soon finds out that Simon’s help may not be all that appreciated, and she must not only find Simon’s secret, but guard her own. Out April 6! (That’s gonna be a great day!)

Beyond the Darkness by Alexandra IvySalvatore Giuliani is on a mission to track down all the female werewolves and have them start breeding so that their kind does not face extinction. But when Harley, one particularly stubborn werewolf, doesn’t want to bend to the male’s will and won’t be bred or held somewhere she doesn’t want to be, she’ll try everything she can to put a stop to it. But if she can get over her own strong will, she might find that Salvatore holds all the secrets she’s ever wanted to know. Find out what they are now – this one came out March 30!

– Kate


      1. this is Emily’s best friend and i agree. THAT BOOK WAS AMAZING! you’ll never look at other books the same

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