Werewolf Books, Little Red Riding Hood, Tyler Lockwood in this Week’s Werewolf Bites!

There’s a ton of werewolf news out there, and we’ve gathered up some of the best snippets, and posted them here for you to feat upon. So gather your pack and sink your teeth into these lovely little morsels.

Tyler Lockwood is confused; who does he side with: his own kind, the werewolves, or the peace-loving vampires in Mystic Falls? Will he try to break the curse, or resist the temptation to join the Dark Side, and become… dun dun dun …Darth Tyler! ..Or just a really wicked evil werewolf who hopefully, doesn’t kill Caroline or anyone else, but especially Caroline, because she’s so adorable.

And when do we find out what the rest of the world has to say about Being Human; the vampire, ghost, and werewolf hotties, all together in one small apartment? Well, right now is when! Other reviews, especially after the successful second episode of the North American version of Being Human, people and bloggers are buzzing all over the Internet, trying to decide if the show will sink, or float.

And, omg omg omg omg! There is a new Little Red Riding Hood trailer out, finally! I can’t wait to see this one, people, not only do I absolutely love Amanda Seyfried, but I am also a huge Gary Oldman fan, –it’s like, young star meets classic film star. I hope she had a great experience working with him, seriously, it must be like Luke Skywalker meets Obi Wan Kenobi. What’s with all my Star Wars references today? Oh well… go Gary, do that werewolf hunter thing!

Werewolf Haiku. Is there anything else to say? Well, there  aren’t words to describe the disturbing contents of a book that infuses poetry and animalistic mutilation of prey …unless of gross those words are ‘fantastic, funny, horrific’. Yeah, huh, that does just about sum it up. I’d love to get my hands on a copy of this, so if you’ve got one, you seriously need to share!


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