Werewolf Book Watch: New Releases This Month

Are all the werewolf books on your shelf tattered and torn from being read so many times? Do you want to add to your collection, or just try something completely new? If so, this is a great month to do it! Here are just a few of the awesome werewolf books that are coming out this month!

Silver Borne by Patricia Briggs – Mercy Thompson just wanted to innocently return a book that she had borrowed from a fae. But when she tries to give it back, she finds that will be much easier said than done. Even worse, her good friend Samuel is having some serious issues that, if his father finds out, could end his life!

Werewolf Smackdown by Mario Acevedo – You know things are bad when an Alpha wolf tries to hire a vampire to kill another werewolf. But, when the vampire refuses, and then someone tries to kill him, suspicions rise quite quickly and soon, the Alpha’s own life is in danger.

Born to Be Wild by Christine WarrenJosie Barrett is a veterinarian and because of that, she’s used to seeing beastly creatures in her town of Stone Creek, Oregon, where more than half the population is comprised of shape-shifters. But while she’s used to these shapeshifters going from man to beast and back again, she’s not used to the virus that is now infecting them all and making them remain in their wolf forms. And just for fun, Josie also gets to find the answer alongside Eli Pace. And it becomes quite obvious that the wolves aren’t the only ones with animal instincts!

Never Cry Werewolf by L.A. Banks – Now that the city of New Orleans is aware of the presence of werewolves in their midst, martial law has gone into effect and magical creatures of every kind are coming out to try and create a truce between two fighting wolf packs. But with more humans being savagely killed by what appears to be a wolf, the real question is – Is it a wolf? A copycat vampire? Or something so horrific, no one could have ever imagined it.

Shift by Rachel VincentFaythe is the first woman werecat and in this new addition to the series, she must not only deal with her father’s impeachment and her brother’s death, but there’s a whole slew of new problems to contend with too! Mostly the fact that her pride is being attacked, and she’s doing everything she can to stop a war from breaking out!

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  1. I just finished Full Moon City. This is an excellent book full of unpublished werewolf stories. I recommend it highly!!!

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