Werewolf Bites Must Hurt Like Hell

Well, there’s one cool thing about there werewolves in The Vampire Diaries; despite there being so few of them, they’re pretty amazing: werewolf bites according to the Diaries’ mythos, are toxic to vampires. If you watch the show for the werewolves, then score one for the home team! In the last episode, Rose, a vampire that kidnapped Elena and tried to deliver her up for sacrifice, then hung around after that, presumably in order to have lots of ‘special friend’ sex with Damon. Damon ends up provoking a werewolf named Jules, who came to town to find news of Mason, a werewolf who originally came to town to help Tyler Lockwood’s family with the Mayor Lockwood’s funeral preparations. Mason is currently decomposing in his truck somewhere, care of Damon.

Anyway, Jules bit Rose, who happened to be hanging around Damon, which was the vampire Jules was originally after. Afterward, Rose and Damon believe the werewolf bite legend is just that; because Rose appears to have healed. But the next day, ew, it’s all icky. Julie Plec, the executive producer of The Vampire Diaries, gives us some spoilers courtesy of the Entertainment section of Gather:

Meanwhile on the series, Rose (Lauren Cohan) is suffering from that pesky werewolf bite she suffered in the episode before hiatus. At first she seemed fine and she and Damon thought it had just been a myth, but then she slowly began showing symptoms that something more was going on. In the promos for “The Descent,” Rose is not looking well at all—both physically and mentally. And according to Plec, it’s sounding like this will affect not only Rose, but Elena and Damon’s relationship as well: “As a result of what Rose is going through, Damon and Elena find themselves sort of thrown together, trying to deal with this invalid vampire. They go through a pretty rough emotional experience together which, of course, cements their relationship even further.”

You have to feel bad for Damon—first he has to deal with everything going on with Katherine and Elena, then his “special friend” Rose seems to have a limited number of days left. The addition of Cohan to The Vampire Diaries has definitely been a positive one, but it looks like fans will have to say goodbye to her soon (and most likely in “The Descent”).

Do you have someone in mind you would cast as Klaus on The Vampire Diaries?

I included the question at the bottom because I wanted to answer it. Yes: William H. Macy. That would be frigging hilarious. And really, incredibly creepy at the same time.

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