Werewolf Actor Taylor McKinney Cast in New Show

Mason, Mason, Mason, –sorry, but as far as the werewolf cast of the Vampire Diaries go, he was definitely hottest. Unless of course, you’re into girls, because then the hottest werewolf would be Jules, because you know… Jules is the only girl werewolf. And I guess the world of television loved Mason Lockwood as a werewolf pretty-boy so much, they decided to hang onto him. Actor Taylor Kinney, the man behind the fur, was the first actor to be chosen for the cast of ‘A Mann’s World’, which right now, is just a pilot, being created still by Michael Patrick King for NBC. He’s known for producing Sex and the City. And the Sex in the City movies. So really, his only saving grace is that he’s giving Uncle Mason a new job; otherwise, he’s one of those people who you ought to avoid, because there’s clearly something wrong with him.

Deadline has a few details about the pilot:

In the vein of Shampoo, the project centers on a straight Beverly Hills hairdresser in his 50s who is struggling to stay young and relevant in a place where looks are everything. Kinney, repped by Gersh and Principal Entertainment, will play the current “it” stylist at the spa, a smokin’ hot guy who is constantly pursued by beautiful women and whose goal is to have his own salon one day.

So basically, it’s a show about a guy who does hair… and women like him. Honestly, I really don’t see the allure, other than the fact that Kinney is pretty sexy, and …that’s pretty much it. I could watch him do hair though, if he’s going to be the leading man. But if it was anyone else, no. And I think I’ve seen maybe one episode of Sex in the City, and seriously, I’d much rather just stare off into space and drool.

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